Wednesday, 25 August 2010

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR’S: Inflammable Material—Alcohol & ACT

_richardmcgrath Libertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath ransacks the newspapers for stories and headlines on issues affecting our freedom.

This week:  Alcohol and ACT - both flammable.

1. NZ HERALD: Australia ‘should follow NZ on alcohol’ – expert
THE DOCTOR SAYS: Can you believe Simon Power wants to enact 126 new regulations to tighten how other adults can drink – because he doesn’t think people have the knowledge, or right, to determine how to do so in way of which he approves. Now a fellow control-freak from Australia, Maree Teeson doesn’t feel these 126 new edicts (out of the 153 recommended by Law Commission Wowser-in-Chief Geoffrey Palmer) are anything close to enough, describing them as “lightweight” and “feather-like.” People like Maree Teeson, the sort of we-know-best-what’s-right-for-you guardians that nobody needs, is the living, breathing face of Nanny. Such people are the living, breathing raison d'être for the Libertarianz Party.

2. NZ HERALD:Govt proposes new adventure tourism rules
THE DOCTOR SAYS: All risky tourism ventures will have to be registered (read: taxed) and pass a safety audit (read: taxed + bureaucrats). Sigh. Yet more, not less, Nanny State from the party that promised to roll back the oppressive weight of government after the 2008 election. Because 39 people died in New Zealand in the course of 6 years doing “outdoor activities” (some of these, presumably, from underlying medical conditions that were unrelated to the activities), 1500 commercial operators are now under threat of yet more regulation. Nothing like using a sledgehammer to kill a gnat. (Pun intentional.)

3. NZ HERALD: Alcohol clampdown unfairly targets dairies, owners say
THE DOCTOR SAYS: This got so far up my nose I could feel it tickling my frontal lobes. So.. in response, the Libertarianz Party have put out a press statement calling for Simon Power to stop bullying shop-owners:

Libz Defend Dairy Owners' Rights
Libertarianz Party leader
Richard McGrath described Simon Power's proposed legislation to restrict the sale of alcohol at dairies and convenience stores as a "clumsy, racist, attempt to impose his Victorian attitudes on young people." Dr McGrath urged dairy owners to vote Libertarianz at next year's election, "in protest at the National Party's attempts to interfere in their businesses."
"Once again, Simon Power shows a scant regard for the wishes of communities and the livelihoods of honest traders," he said. "His bullying of dairy owners is a pointed attack on the ethnic groups that own a disproportionately high number of these shops, and the consumers that purchase their wares."
"As for the Minister's desire to restrict access to alcohol for all under-20-year-olds in response to the actions of a minority: will his next edict be a mandated bedtime regime for 18 and 19 year olds? After all, if they can't be trusted to drink in moderation, how on earth could they possibly get themselves to bed at a decent hour?"   
Dr McGrath urged New Zealanders to embrace common-law solutions to the problems of underage drinking. "Dairy owners should be able to sell whatever they like to other adults, subject to mutual consent. Parents should be held accountable for the actions of their children. Therefore, if minors are harmed through alcohol use, their parents or guardians should be questioned and possibly prosecuted. In turn, parents should be able to launch civil action against anyone who gives or sells their under-age children alcohol."
Furthermore, he said, those who commit crime against property and other people should be held responsible and liable for any damage they cause. "Victims of crime committed by those under the influence of intoxicating substances should be compensated in full by the offenders."
Dr McGrath reminded business owners that they had the full backing of the Libertarianz Party in being able to defend themselves from robbers and burglars with appropriate levels of defensive weaponry. "Anyone who tries to rob a dairy or shop deserves to be neutralised rapidly, as the situation warrants."
"The scapegoating of dairy owners, as exemplified by Simon Power's proposed laws, is consistent with the National Party's war on small businesses. The Libertarianz Party, on the other hand, believes in slashing income tax, abolishing GST, opening ACC up to competition, ending liquor licensing laws and repealing the Resource
Management Act, in order to to make the establishment and operation of small businesses simpler and easier."

4. STUFF: ACT’s Heather Roy under pressure to quit Parliament
THE DOCTOR SAYS: ACT party hack Hilary Calvert has been flown up from Dunedin and is now circling like a vulture over Heather Roy. However, in breaking news, Rodney Hide’s “leadership” is being challenged by former ACT board member and list candidate Peter Tashkoff. In a highly damaging broadside which adds fuel to the flames of ACT’s self-destruction, Tashkoff (who was beaten in the Te Tai Tokerau electorate in 2008 by the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party candidate) said Hide was a “failure” and a “liability”—and he was so disgusted at Hide’s handling of the Roy saga that he would challenge the leader’s candidacy in Epsom.
    Hide, the former perk-buster, whose chops were busted when he milked taxpayers and used the very same perk for his girlfriend that he had formerly railed against.
    Hide, who has done irreparable damage to the cause of freedom by his behaviour inside and out of Parliament.
    Hide, who has set back the cause of liberty with his determination to fit the necks of Auckland regional ratepayers into one Super-Sized Noose.
    Rodney Hide needs to go, and ACT themselves needs to either return to their core values (if they have any - they don’t appear anywhere on ACT’s website) or disband.

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny - when the government
fears the people, there is liberty.”
- attributed to Thomas Jefferson


  1. A good challenge for every ACT supporter would be to state their party's founding principles while standing on one leg.

    It should be easy, given that they are only two sentences long.

    (A bonus point to any ACT supporter who can tell you who wrote those two sentences.)

  2. don't know why you guys are so fixated on ACT - the Libz struggled to get 1000 votes in the last three cycles

    deal with the ineffectiveness of your own party.

  3. Richard McGrath25 Aug 2010, 15:32:00


    We are "fixated" because ACT are the closest thing we have in parliament to a libertarian party and are imploding. It's not pleasant to watch.

    See some of my other posts regarding ACT - and note that I personally received more electorate votes in 2008 than FOURTEEN candidates from the apparently "effective" ACT Party, who, if they implode, will be just as "ineffective" as Libertarianz.

  4. @ Anonymous: The memo leaked last week contains the quite believable claim that Act sees politics as primitive combat, with a need to destroy reputations rather than address real issues.

    We've seen that ever since ROdney Hide took over the party. And every time some numb nut like you attacks your interlocutor rather than address ACT's greal issues, it only serves to strengthen the thesis.

  5. I was dumbfounded when I made the same discovery about the ACT website omission of any principles or philosophy.

  6. Richard McGrath25 Aug 2010, 19:13:00

    @Redbaiter - how about this for a plan: Slash taxes (first $50k of income tax-free and abolish GST) and government spending (abolish or privatise about 90% of government departments and ministries).

    Any problem with that?

  7. Richard,
    Anyone could get more electorate votes than an ACT candidate. The reason? Apart from in Epsom, they don't campaign on the electorate vote, they ask for the Party vote.

  8. "(abolish or privatise about 90% of government departments and ministries)."

    Apparently immigration is already privatised.

  9. Richard McGrath26 Aug 2010, 10:15:00

    @FF: "Apparently immigration is already privatised."

    A great start, FF, only four or five hundred govt departments to go!

    However I believe the govt does have a role in immigration - probably under the heading of defence - i.e., in keeping known violent criminals out of NZ.


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