Monday, 23 August 2010

Attacking the messenger doesn’t alter the message

Um, can someone tell me why it’s so important to know who leaked that 82-page memo last week confirming how far ACT has strayed from being a party of ideas, rather than addressing what is in it, i.e.,

  • that ACT’s caucus has discarded the realm of ideas altogether, and now fights people instead;
  • that unless ACT urgently tries to expand the market for its ideas, something at which it has signally failed, it will remain reliant on National’s favour in the seat of Epsom;
  • that National Party polling in Epsom suggests Hide has only a “tenuous” hold on it, yet, (almost unbelievably given its reliance on the seat for its very existence), no ACT polling has been done to determine the truth of that;
  • that the thuggish David Garrett appears to run the caucus;
  • that secure documents in Act’s offices are just the opposite;
  • that Act is a dysfunctional party run by an ego made fatter by ministerial office, in denial about its imminent oblivion.

The document itself argues “Act sees [politics] as primitive combat, with a need to destroy a colleague's reputation” rather than address the real issues, and it offers ample evidence to back up the claim. 

The reaction to the document’s release tends to just further confirms the thesis, wouldn’t you say?


  1. Rather a snarky backdown PC.Hides vindicated and Roys goneburger...and its been revealed for good reaosns.That she was used by SEJ and Stephen Franks,whos never got over lossing to Rodney in the leadership battel for ACT,is besides the point.She made stupid decisions and has payed the price.

    No doubt ACT needs to sort its shit out re policy and what it stands for...I for one have been niggling them over this but this recent booldleteting was needed and we will see if lessons have be learned and will be applied.

    PS..whats thuggish about David Garrett? Have you met him? Hes very liberal despite what the media would have you lap up unthinkingly.

  2. Whoops...major typos!

    My Bad!

  3. So, James, after you've tried again to help kill the messenger, what about addressing those points ...

    Or do you too see politics as primitive combat, with a need to destroy reputations rather than addressing real issues?

  4. that Act is a dysfunctional party run by an ego made fatter by ministerial office, in denial about its imminent oblivion.

    ...pretty much descriptive of any political party then...

  5. Your beat up on Rodney has fallen flat thanks to a bit of detective work by Whale (that should embarass hell out of the MSM)yet still you persist.I said that ACT needs to sort itself question.Maybe expunging a cancerous cabal within will help with certainly can't harm it.

  6. James, everything you say just confirms the thesis--and you've yet to address the real issues.

    Whale's "detective" work simply reveals who leaked the memo. It doesn't address what's in it. Perhaps you could try doing that.

  7. Richard McGrath25 Aug 2010, 08:59:00

    BTW James: where on the ACT website does it list the party's core values?

    At least the National Socialists have a page on their website labelled "Vision and Values", even if they ignore half of them.

  8. PS..whats thuggish about David Garrett?

    I'm also interested in your response. It is not the first time you have referred to him as such. Is it just personal enmity? It comes across as such.


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