Tuesday, 27 July 2010

'The Vine' - Harriet Frishmuth


'The Vine' - Harriet Frismuth, 1923, as photographed by Lee Sandstead and the Museworthy blog.


You can read a little more about Frishmith, a one-time student of Rodin, here at the ART BEAT blog.


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Anonymous Jameson said...

Sexy metal. : )

27 Jul 2010, 00:46:00  
Blogger Jeff Perren said...

My favorite piece of sculpture. Thanks for reminding me!

27 Jul 2010, 03:45:00  
Anonymous Marie said...

Love this sculpture. I remember the day I've seen it in an axhibition- that was awesome.

14 Feb 2012, 21:52:00  

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