Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Now THIS is what I call motivational!

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I don’t often post press releases here, though Lord knows I get sent enough. But this one is different.  This one is special. This one is … oh sod it, just read the press release and you’ll know why I’m as excited about it as a toddler in a toy store.

Combining Motivational Posters With World-Leading Motivational Art!

   A New Zealand motivational design and publishing company is taking on the world with a revolutionary line of motivational posters that will alter forever what people expect from motivational art.

    For the first time in the world, NZ company Inspirationz Inc has coupled an all-star line up of sculptors and painters to quotes that inspire and enthuse—producing, for the first time, a catalogue of fine art-quality posters to inspire people to move mountains.
   A contingent of ten nationally and internationally renowned contemporary artists has licensed their art for the catalogue, including two notables, Joseph Sheppard of Pietrasanta Italy, and Bill Mack of Minneapolis Minnesota, both of whom have their work in the collections of US presidents and on display at sites of historical significance, such as Liberty Island, the NBA Hall of Fame, and the Vatican.
   Additionally, artworks from some of the world’s great past masters are featured, including Jules Dalou, Caspar David Friedrich, and Lord Frederic Leighton, to name only a few of the stellar cast.
   “For years I’ve collected quotes to ignite my own enthusiasm and inspiration,” says inspirationz™ founder Terry Verhoeven, “but when I saw the wit and wisdom of Lincoln, Voltaire and Ghandi combined with pictures of amusing orang-utans, placid lakes, and air-brushed shrubs, I thought to myself, ‘those great words – and minds - deserve better than that.’”
   “What we’ve done is to combine the wit and wisdom of the ages with real art that inspires the soul.”
   The result is astonishing, and can be seen at the newly-launched website and in a sensational new video released to YouTube titled ‘Ignite Your Soul’ which showcases inspirationz’ designs to dramatic effect with the use of motion graphics and special effects.

   “We all need a source of daily inspiration to help us to overcome life's challenges and unlock our potential for greatness,” explains Verhoeven, whose love of art and its power to inspire is at the heart of this new venture.
   “Great art and literature has traditionally fulfilled that role. inspirationz builds on this foundation, but goes a step further, creatively integrating the two by combining the world’s most prophetic and inspiring words with their aesthetic equivalent in art ... the duo is then packaged into an affordable product that may be purchased as a personalised gift or used as the perfect d├ęcor enhancement for one’s home or office.”  
   Verhoeven says the goal is for inspirationz designs to find their way onto bedroom and boardroom walls around the globe as a source of daily inspiration, and in so doing, introduce the world’s great art to people who otherwise wouldn’t have seen it.


About Inspirationz Inc
Inspirationz Inc is a premier motivational design and publishing house headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. The company’s mission is “To inspire the world through great art, affordably.”

Media Contact:
Terry Verhoeven, Managing Director


  1. Thank you for the plug Peter. Again :) You may yet convince me to play some Wagner with this type of exposure...

  2. Fine art and fine words is a powerful combination.

  3. Man! This was awesome! I was feeling a bit down today but now I feel more powerfull than ever :)


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