Thursday, 1 July 2010

The green dream team

Every bullfrog and his left-leg-legrope are up in arms today about Nick Smith’s Emissions Tax Scam, which purports to fulfil “our obligations under the Kyoto Protocol.”

Too late! Far too late.

The time to be up in arms was … about twelve years ago when the Kyoto Protocol was signed by National’s Simon Upton; about the time Auckland was suffering the first of what have become regular recent power-cuts; which was the time I penned and sent out this press release below, pleading for some sanity and some sense of the future we’re now living through:




(Friday, 6 March 1998 4:54:08 p.m.)

New warnings today that Auckland’s current power crisis is only a dry run for worse to come. Future restrictions on industry arising from ‘The Green Dream Team’ will dwarf our current problems, according to the Libertarianz Party. The Dream Team’s two players are the Resource Management Act and the Kyoto Protocol: The RMA we know about by now; the Protocol, signed by Simon Upton earlier this year, came out of a Government talk-fest in Kyoto, Japan, and extracts promises that governments of wealthy, industrial nations will ‘work towards the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions’ - the inescapable by-product of the burning of fossil fuels. Stripped of its worthy glow this means nothing less than a promise for the reduction of industry!

“The greenies’ anti-development crusade reached its climax in this country with the RMA, an act making the future construction of necessary infrastructure (like power stations and hydro dams) virtually impossible. The anti-energy crusade has reached its climax with the Kyoto Protocol, promising measures to strangle our existing infrastructure (like power stations and industrial plants). The current power crisis offers a precursor of what life will be like as a result of these measures - together, these bureaucratic monsters will act like a calicivirus on industry, and on all who depend on industry for their survival; which means all of us," said Libertarianz Environment Spokesman Peter Cresswell today. ”

“New Zealanders’ natural and trusting benevolence allows environmentalists’ bizarre claims to pass largely unchallenged. The bogus claims by self-serving, populist myth-makers have been swallowed whole and are being used to camouflage a creeping socialism; the pseudo-scientific, jargon-ridden utterances, and the carefully worded epistles describing what ‘might’ happen (if they can only get their computer climate models to work properly) are being used to conceal the dangerous lack of any real scientific basis to their claims. The Kyoto Protocol, for example, rests on the fraudulent claim that emissions of carbon dioxide are causing a catastrophic warming of the planet, and promises to curb this ‘possible outcome’ by curbing industry.

“The environmentalists’ false claims for disasters that ‘might’ occur will be dwarfed by the disasters that will occur if we continue to blindly accept their rantings. You think that the loss of power to our industrial capital for nine weeks is bad news? Just wait until the Dream Team kicks in - you ain’t seen nothing yet!”


Just coincidence that Nick Smith is minister for both members of the dream team, eh.

The time to kick against these pricks was some time ago, but it’s never too late to wake up.


  1. PC,

    As you said in an earlier post, most people who are reading this are getting exactly what they deserve, and getting it good and hard They voted for National/ACT/Maori/Labour/Greens etc. All these people should suck it up and quit complaining.

    ACT are just as culpable as their votes are supporting a government that has bought in this terrible law. It was one of their election planks at the last election, and yet here they are supporting this anti-freedom government.


  2. It is actually hopeless, isn't it?

    You wrote this excellent presser 12 years ago and yet in the intervening period NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

    Yesterday Michael Laws devoted a whole morning to the ETS and I didn't hear one single call supporting this scam, but the government is still able to charge ahead and destroy our economic base with this, oblivious to the effects. Ditto giving our country to the maoris. Ditto the smacking debate. Ditto the ever creeping rise in (effective) taxation despite the lies to the contrary. Ditto the continuing welfarism and handouts despite the lies to the contrary. Ditto smoking.... and now even drinking alcohol.

    Why is it that New Zealanders continue to delude themselves that we live in a 'free' and 'democratic' society when anybody with any intelligence can see that we are pushed around, lied to, extorted and treated like cattle at every turn by successive governments?

    Are we really this stupid?

    I suppose the answer really speaks for itself doesn't it?


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