Friday, 30 July 2010

Got Carter

Chris Carter has died politically just as he lived politically.


Ineptly posting an anonymous letter announcing there will be a leadership coup—on Tuesday, no less—and saying when caught that his reason for trying the shabby deception was he hoped it would cause a leadership coup.

A twisted ham-fisted ruse to pretend his idiocy hadn’t just made more unlikely what he claimed to be trying to foment.

Lying low-life power-lusting scum.

Which makes him just like every other politician, really. And utterly undeserving of all the attention.


  1. Sean Fitzpatrick30 Jul 2010, 14:35:00

    The extreme left of the party, that Carter and all Helen Clarke's other favourites represent, could never be happy with the leadership of Goff / King - two people who if anything represent the more moderate centre of the Labour Party. Don't forget how prominent Goff was as a rising star under his the Labour government of Lange / Douglas - a time in their history the Clarke Labour government did their best to whitewash over.

    Carter's reasoning that Labour could never win under Goff may or may not be sound. I was always of the opinion that the left of the Labour Party were biding their time with Goff in power to allow the party to rebuild electoral support, only to replace him with one of their own number as soon as the treasury benches were back in their grasp.

    It is to be hoped that this incident proves the Labour Party's legendary inter-factional warfare is as hot and destructive as ever and will thus nullify them as a political force for the foreseeable future.

  2. Chris bum-fucking Carter deserves to be kicked out of parliament. A useless and and unproductive meddler in productive people's life.

  3. New Lynn's David Cunliffe was Carter's pin-up boy for primed minister. Muldoon was the last MP to cause as much visceral nausea as does Cunliffe. Unsure what sets him apart from all other scum/ vermin /vomit that are our representatives.

  4. Labour should look for someone who is more or like Phil Goff for leadership (leaning to the right and better looking). I advise Labour not to elect David Cunliffe, because he is too far left (almost a greenie). The battle between National & Labour in the next election is going to be decided by the centre and someone like Cunliffe who is an economic illiterate (like all Green MPs) is not going to help Labour.

    The leader must be someone better looking than Mr Cunliffe because looks itself is important to voters as well as policies they stand for. Unfortunately, the face-transplant guy from Spain who was all over the news in recent days, could be mistaken for Cunliffe. A turn off for voters. Just look no further to the popularity of Sarah Palin. Looks can persuade people.

  5. Kurt, that face-transplant guy from Spain you linked to, could be mistaken for Trevor Dullard (PC's label in one of his article's here at Not PC).

  6. Cunliffe is an unabashed, religious Keynesian: if he were ever to get a hand in government finances he would take our economy, as sick as it is, to the brink where Europe, UK and USA out very quickly.

    Why do the Left have no ability to learn from objective reality?

  7. "... where Europe, UK and USA out very quickly."

    [Typo] ... USA are very quickly.

  8. Haha! Guys, try to show some respect in your comments here. The face transplant guy is better looking than both Trevor Mallard and David Cunliffe.


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