Thursday, 1 July 2010

Battle of the Toons, 3: Do you recognise this Dick? [update 2]

Cartoon by NICK KIM

Anyone he reminds you of? Do you need a clue? 

Here’s the scam this entity is introducing this morning: forcing you to pay the govt for having the temerity to use petrol, power or anything relying on those boons, and pay foresters for not cutting down the trees they grew to cut and sell.

_Quote The government’s budget documents this year also showed that the payment due to foresters who planted post-1990, is $1.6 billion over the years 2008-2012 . This $1.6 billion is based on an assumption that 67 percent of eligible post-1989 foresters will take up their entitlement. Unfortunately for National, government officials have advised me that recent projections show that some 87 percent of foresters may now be planning to take up their entitlement. If this happens, the $1.6 billion will blow out to over $2 billion.

And who gets all this dosh? Well, here are the main owners of the trees in NZ’s main plantation forests:

MAF-Forestry OwnersYes Virginia, that’s where the bulk of those billions are going.  So that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars of your money going to the likes of Weyerhauser Global Forest Partners (a huge player in Nick Smith’s electorate)*, Juken Nissho, and the Harvard University Endowment Fund for the boon of leaving their trees uncut.

Thanks Nick.  You Dick. You haven’t got a beard like that cartoon above, but you sure as hell have a head full of hairballs, and a tongue so forked you could hug a tree with it.

* In 2007 Weyerhauser sold its 51% stake in the Nelson plantation forest joint venture to its partner, Global Forest Partners.” The figures in the chart above come from MAF’s 2009 survey …

UPDATE 1: About Global Forest Partners
Global Forest Partners LP is an SEC-registered investment adviser, specializing in the structuring and management of sustainable forestry investments. Founded in 1982, the firm is recognized as a leader in forestry investing and for its unique global perspective and experience. GFP, which is headquartered in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, currently manages a USD 1.5 billion portfolio of closed-end commingled timberfunds and separate accounts on behalf of institutional clients and other qualified investors. Additional information about GFP can be found at

UPDATE 2: Dr Richard McGrath has sent me his latest press release to post here:

PRESS RELEASE: Thank You For The Tax Increase, Mr Smith
Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath heaped praise on Climate Change Minister Nick Smith for lifting energy prices today, but said the BlueLabour Government was far too lenient on Big Business and should have increased petrol and diesel prices by 50 cents a litre and imposed power blackouts on private homes in the face of the global warming Armageddon.
    “Everyone who voted BlueLabour in 2008 will think back to 1 July 2010 as the day Dr Smith got medieval with free markets, with yet another shiny new tax. He’s right of course—what has capitalism ever done for humankind? And what hypothetical problem can’t be fixed by taking more money from private individuals and passing more legislation?”
    “As we head into the coldest month of the year, pensioners and those on fixed incomes will nevertheless feel a warm fuzzy as they turn their heaters down to save power, knowing that Mr Key has more of their tax dollars to use keeping prisoners warm in their cells and to put aside for helping the poor darlings stop smoking next year.
    “There’s no way Mr Smith or anyone else in the BlueLabour government could be profiting from this tax, is there? No way any of them could be planting trees on their land to exploit the laws they imposed on those same pensioners and fixed-income New Zealanders? No way this could result in transfers of money from said pensioners and others into the pockets of said politicians? Surely not.
    “I do have one question, Mr Smith. I know we are being rapidly boiled alive because of the climate cataclysm, but with global temperatures dropping for the past twelve years despite a steady rise in carbon dioxide emissions, can you just remind me again why this tax was necessary?”
    “And don’t forget you farmers, business owners and industrialists out there – but most of all you consumers to whom these tax increases will be passed – don’t forget to vote for those nice BlueLabour people in 2011. And keep your party hats and balloons handy to celebrate the GST increase in October.
    “Finally, Mr Key, if you’re reading this, could I suggest a slogan for BlueLabour’s election campaign next year:

Taxation – I’m Lovin’ It.”


  1. Just musing over something.

    If I think about it, the carbon producers have to pay a tax to the government, which the government does what with? Anything I guess.

    But the carbon credits for the foresters don't cost the government anything because they're just created out of air. It's a paper entry the forester can go on and sell.

    So it's the fiat money system all over again, isn't it?

    (I've a client - farmer - with a pre-1989 forest/woodlot. He's going to take the free credits for that and sell them to buy a tractor. Belching out carbon :) This ETS is just such insanity).

  2. I like that cartoon, where a council officer is asking a lady :

    Officer: Excuse me, is this your property? You can't do A , B, C, D, etc... unless you get a permission.

    Property Owner: Sorry, I have been mistaken. I think the property is yours.


    That cartoon represents the true state of today's bylaws.


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