Friday, 18 June 2010

‘Roll it’ experimental housing - University of Karlsruhe

1274297030-741-750-500-528x352 Here’s another variation on the theme of small and adaptable spaces.

1274297036-678-750-500-528x352 This time, rather than sliding panels cunningly designed to tranform a 32sqp apartment into 24 different layouts, we have an experimental house that transforms the space by rotation.

1274297037-681-687-500-528x384 Sort of in the way a hamster might do it.


But this is way more ingenious than a hamster could do.

For more on the house, check out the story and pictures at Arch Daily [hat tip NZ Wood].



Blogger Oswald Bastable said...

A Hobbit hole for the 21st century!

18 Jun 2010, 07:12:00  
Anonymous Mark Hubbard said...

You'd have to eat out though. A kitchen in there is going to be very messy.

18 Jun 2010, 08:15:00  
Anonymous David Farrar said...

That is fracking wonderful.

18 Jun 2010, 08:58:00  
Blogger Dinther said...

Wonderful idea to take the benefits of weightlessness in a space-station to this rotating accommodation.

But what a bloody mess it must be in the cupboards. It would make a teenager feel right at home.

18 Jun 2010, 09:02:00  
Anonymous Cassanova said...

The geometry and curves are perfect for making love in there. The woman can lie or lean backward comfortably on to the curves.

18 Jun 2010, 10:10:00  

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