Wednesday, 30 June 2010


A few readers have been sending me the story about Al Gore. Please don’t. We don’t run that sort of rubbish here.


  1. I've ran it a few times over at the Fairfacts Media Show, including again this morning, noting your opposition.
    There are several reasons.
    It is great to see the High Priest of Environmentalism face embarassment over such sleazy behaviour.
    Let's face it the 'crazed sex poodle' tag is funny, something we did not expect from someone so wooden.
    There is an issue of how different the media might have handled the story if a rightie had acted likewise.
    And today, we hear how fellow liberal friends of the masseuse did not want her to take action against Gore.
    They wanted her to take it for the leftist team as bringng down Gore would unleash global warming.
    This say much about the morals and integrity of those on the left.
    There's is plenty here for the more erudite blogs and media to follow the story too.
    I note Britain's broadsheet Daily Telegraph has covered it several times.

  2. Lord Gore has been caught with his pants down.

    He may go on offensive in the media by doing a Clinton denial :

    I didn't have a sexual relationship with that woman

    Yeah, right.

  3. What happened? Did Al Gore molest some school girl or what?


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