Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tobacco taxes + disarmed shop-owners = an invitation to violence [updated]

We haven’t needed to wait long to see the results of virtual prohibition and the disarmament of dairy owners.

Just last week many of us pointed out that the combined effect of last week’s usurious tax-grab on smokers and of laws that prohibit dairy-owners from defending themselves would be catastrophic.  Sadly, we’ve only had to wait a few days to see the first catastrophe:

    Dairy Robbed at Gunpoint
    “Four masked men have robbed a Palmerston North dairy at gunpoint, threatening the owners and an elderly customer….They stole the cash register and a quantity of tobacco before fleeing and eluding a police cordon…
    “The Association of Community Retailers (ACR) today linked the robbery with the Government's sudden hike in tobacco tax last week.
    "' ‘They don't need to rob a bank for a mere $5000 when it's easier to rob a dairy of double that amount of value in tobacco products,’ said tobacco spokesman Richard Green.”

This government, like the last one, seems intent on making New Zealand a less safe and and less free place in which to live and work.  And they are succeeding.

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  1. After enough of these, they'll have a great argument for pulling cigs out of dairies and restricting sales to "safer" locations. For the good of the dairy owners, you see....


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