Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Leighton listener is having a hard week

A regular reader is missing her daily Leighton Smith fix, and ready to tear her hair out at his replacement.  She sent me this.

_quote O-M-G.  Quel Horreur! I’ve got an affliction !  Day 3 and I am beside myself – don’t know if I can get past day 5 without getting into some self harm (like puncturing my eardrums),  What bloody stupid sod at NewstalkZB decided that an acceptable (never mind remotely suitable) replacement for Leighton Smith was Paul Holmes. 
    “I’ve come to the conclusion that he has completely lost it – if he ever had it.  The most brainless (or should that be braindead) waste of space I have never listened to. 
    “Monday I managed 3 sentences before I had to turn off; Tuesday I only handled ‘Good morning’; this morning just the music almost made me smash the radio, especially when I discovered a comedian round here had glued the on/off switch. 
    “Please tell me it’s only for this week.  Do you think the PTB at NewstalkZB are aware that 99.99% recurring actually turn off their radios every morning – the twerp is talking to nobody !  Even that blonde tart would have been better and I can’t stand her either. I’m trying to decide whether to wear earplugs for the rest of the week or just lock myself in a padded room without sharp objects in fear that just the sound of Paul Holmes’s’ voice will send me off again.


Anonymous Mark Hubbard said...

Yes, as soon as I heard on Monday morning Holmes - let's use the baton of big state to solve every state caused problem because my daughter can't manage her drug problem - on, I went to classical music for the week.

He is such nonsense replacement for Leighton's timeslot (they'd be far better, and more logical from a programming point of view, to go with Perigo).

5/27/2010 10:46:00 am  
Blogger Shane Pleasance said...

Perigo, please.

5/27/2010 12:15:00 pm  
Anonymous Robin Capper said...

Surely they've just replaced one "brainless (or should that be braindead) waste of space" with another.

5/27/2010 11:13:00 pm  
Anonymous Sam P said...

@ Robin Capper:

Why say that? Unless you're a proponent of socialism and AGW?

5/29/2010 12:52:00 pm  
Anonymous Robin Capper said...

@Sam P If not rating Leighton makes me a Socialist then I guess I am.

I'd rather listen to Perigo, Graeme Hill, Michael Laws or silence than Mr Smith.

5/31/2010 08:18:00 pm  

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