Thursday, 20 May 2010

“Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”—it’s here [updated]

jp-mo-300x216 It’s not just Budget Day today, it’s also the first annual International “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”—which does at least have parallels with Budget Day because after Bill English has read out the contents of his Tax and Tax and Tax Budget we will all, I suspect, feel like our wallets have just been taken out with a sword.

International Everybody Draw Mohammed Day was announced, if you’ll recall, to support free speech, numerous cartoonists and the makers of South Park, upon whom retribution was called down for the sin of poking fun at he who shall not be mocked, nor whose supporters may be taken the piss out of.

Even before it’s kicked off internationally there’s a good helping of mockery from which to draw much mirth.

2jesus-and-mo blasphemyvi-vimore jesus and mo

It’s not the artistry that counts, it’s the sentiments contained therein.
Here, for example, from the Israeli magazine Nana is a cartoon of Jesus, Mohammed, Moses and Buddha enjoying a post-coital cigarette together.
nana Perhaps after this piece of foreplay:
Which shows helps to demonstrate that when it comes to mockery, we’re equal-opportunity mockers here.
It is possible to be subtle, as Le Monde was when they decided not to draw Mohammed, but just to place the  mantra “'I must not draw Mohammed”on their front page in a carefully-composed manner.
lemonde Because it’s worth remembering that the “religion of peace” is is a serious subject to mock, as several thousand people could attest were they still alive to give witness.
Danish cartoonist Ivar Gjørup
If you don’t believe that already, if you’re not yet aware that such mockery “helps defend the requirements of human life and civilized society,” then just contemplate what is revealed in this telling exchange on the University of California San Diego campus between former radical David Horowitz and a Soft-Spoken Genocidal Muslim from the Muslim Students Association:
Adam Mossoff comment quoted at Noodle Food is spot on:
    "This girl is so soft-spoken about expressing her support of global genocide of Jews, it's like watching a clip from the Nuremburg trials in which the Nazis plainly described their atrocities as if this was no different to them from describing a trip to the beach (and it wasn't).”
Think of that when you think of the religion of peace, and
let us resurrect Dumas’ famous Musketeers’ rallying call: ‘One for All and All for One’ emphasizing the latter phrase. For only by standing together to defend each individual can a peaceful society exist. Thus we must stand together and protect the lonely author who dares question a religion and who is sentenced to death because of it.”
[Cartoons from Blunt, Noodle Food, Objective Standard, Thrutch, Matthew Hunt, Bill Ruark et al. Thank you.]

UPDATE: Best headline of the day, so far: "In for a burka, in for a beheading."


  1. I have drawn up a picture of Santa Claus doing up the arse of Mohammed.

  2. Yeah, even on Draw Mohammed Day there are probably still some Mohammed cartoons we don't need.

  3. I went for the minimalist approach.

  4. Check this out for laughs:


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