Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Is there anything about Geoffrey Bloody Palmer’s plan (announced today) to turn us into a nation of wowsers that we didn’t already know about?

We discover that people like drinking.  Just imagine.

That “six in 10 drinkers had become intoxicated at least once in the past year”  Astonishing news!

That “one in three men aged 18 to 24 reported drinking enough to feel drunk at least weekly.”  At least weekly!

And that Geoffrey Bloody Palmer somehow considers it his business to change that with bans, extortionate tax  hikes, and early-closing restrictions on nightclubs.

Somehow, your drinking is his business.  The Tui billboards, which he wants to ban, are somehow his business. What you and I might do in Courtenay Place or the Viaduct after dark, which he wants to regulate, is somehow his business.

His business, it seems, is putting his own lemon-sucking wowserism into your business and saying “Suck on that.”

Why does this pin-headed former politician wish to use the bad behaviour of a few to impose his schtick on all the rest of us.

Why does he think it’s his business to tell us how we’re all going to spend our evenings?

And why, oh why, does this cretinous busybody seem to have as much authority now to recommend law changes as he did back when he was dreaming up the bloody Resource Management Act? 

The answer, I suspect, lies in the intellectual vacuum that is the top floor of today’s Beehive.

The first person to give the face of this life-long busybody what it deserves will get a very loud cheer indeed.  It should be delivered with the full moral rectitude of a job that sorely, and urgently, needs doing.k


  1. I heard Ross Bell saying on radio that when people realised these changes would be for the greater good they would accept them as reasonable. I don't. I am sick to death of being told to change my behaviour because of the results of somebody else's. They can all go to hell. Including greasing-his-Palmer. I will quietly raise a glass to you at about 5.30pm PC.

  2. If you hear the words "greater good" Lindsay, you should run a mile.

  3. @Lou Taylor: Exactly so.

    @Lindsay: Well said. But hell, why wait until 5:30? And why be quiet? Let's start acting badly now.

  4. The thing that annoys me the most is the last time I saw him, he was sinking Piss at the Business Round table, at an event on reducing red tape.


  5. I got quite drunk last Thursday...

    ....and I had a great time.

    The end.


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