Thursday, 22 April 2010

Jeff Perren: Danish Workers Strike Over Beer Ban

[Guest Post from Jeff Perren at Shaving Leviathan]

According to the Copenhagen Post,

Brewery Workers Strike Over Beer Ban

Health expert calls it ‘absurd’ that Carlsberg warehouse workers are striking over fewer bottled beers in the refrigerators.

Warehouse workers at Danish brewing giant Carlsberg are striking because management has decided that the employees may no longer have their customary three free bottled beers a day at the workplace, reports Carlsberg has implemented a new workplace alcohol policy that now limits employees to one bottle of beer a day at lunchtime.

If they keep that up, I may actually become sympathetic to unions. It seems eminently more sensible to me than getting riled over retirement benefits. I mean, life is uncertain, so making sure you've got your daily free beer strikes me as much more rational than whether you'll have sufficient funds in old age.

Maybe the Left has something when they claim that in many ways America lags Europe.

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  1. Gratefully, I work for an employer that believes strongly in the benefits of a good session after work and is willing to lubricate these communication enhancing affairs often. This hasn't been extended to lunch times though.



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