Thursday, 22 April 2010

Farrar’s trial balloon shot down

David Farrar has been caught peddling Bill English’s spin.  Floating a trial balloon for Bill English’s coming Soak-Everyone Budget, he talked up $3.8 billion that is being redirected around the bureaucracies as “savings”, and $1.1 billion of new, additional spending as “fiscal discipline.”

Already so many commenters have seen through that disgracefully cheap spin that Farrar has taken to calling commenters names

But the spin will still continue relentlessly until May, when English’s Budget finally announces how he’s going to soak us all while his government continues to expand its spending.  The hope will be that enough people by then will at least realise this government, its finance minister, and its spin-meisters, are as bereft of any ideas, any principle, or any basic honesty as the last lot.


  1. I've never seen Farrar lose it like that, calling me a fuckwit for stating the truth.

  2. We know that Farrar likes to arse-lick the National Party, regardless if it’s got a smelly arse or not, he would lick it anyway.

  3. National's Vision For New Zealand - from their website -
    • Individual freedom and choice
    • Personal responsibility
    • Competitive enterprise and rewards for achievement
    • Limited government

    What a F*#@*ing joke

    And what are ACT doing supporting them on supply and demand??

    As the Libz said on their Mt Albert by-election billboards
    "Where are our tax cuts you bastards?"


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