Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter aftermath [update 2]

Now that Easter is over, it looks like there will be 38 people prosecuted by the Labour Department (15% up on last year) for the crime of selling things that people want at times the Labour Department didn’t want them to.

    _quoteThe Department will consider the prosecution of 38 retailers after 19 were caught trading on Good Friday and another 19 on Easter Sunday.
    " ‘We still have to assess the information the inspectors come back with,’ Labour department communications adviser Colin Patterson said.”

That would be 50 inspectors who went out to work to make sure other people don’t.  In order to stop other people doing things that religionists don’t want them to, and unionists won’t allow them to.

Stupid? It sure is. Confused? Everyone certainly is.

But at least we now know that “nowhere in the Bible does Jesus have a sword fight.” [Hat tip Imperator Fish]

UPDATE 1PZ Myers spotted some strange Easterly goings on over the Tasman:

    _quote First, they had their church leaders focus their Easter sermons on how yucky those atheists are. Then one fanatical group decided to show how wonderful Christianity is by staging a crucifixion in public, complete with blood and nails and moaning dying hippie.


    “I find this hilarious.”

Especially hilarious when good Christian folk start complaining the barbarity might frighten the children.  Haven’t they read their Bible?

UPDATE 2:  And always, in the Easter Aftermath, is the media’s statistically inept navel-gazing about The Road Toll . . .

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  1. That would be 50 inspectors who went out to work to make sure other people don’t

    That is massively ironic. What's the most usual argument heard for Easter non trading? Something about giving people time off to stay with their families because businesses will force them to work against their will. Or something. In contrast to all the garden centers they're prosecuting, I'll bet good money there was about zero choice for those 50 Labour Dept employees to work on Friday and Sunday.

    The one argument never heard publicly around Easter is about freedom for consenting adults to write a contract, and about all the people who are more than happy to work on Friday and Sunday for 2.5 times the effective pay and just take next weekend off but prevented by law from doing so.

  2. All of this talk about Easter is great, but let's get into much sterner stuff - How can we get Libz support above the obligatory 1000 votes?

  3. Who are the vile little people who are the Labour Dept inspectors? One should be interviewed.

    I can guess the stock reply would be:
    - It's unfair on those who follow the law (they only follow it because of you);
    - It's the law, you should obey it.

    Who ever thinks it is difficult to get joyless drones to enforce whatever laws exist? Those answers would justify anything.

  4. PC

    Yes, I did wonder what incantations and sermons the road-tollers were going to moan aloud this year. No change. They vomited out the usual weak muck. They didn't mention the magnitude of the enforcement revenues- all those expropiations and road rorts. Wonder how much they bilched this year.



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