Friday, 16 April 2010

Eagle Feather – Frank Lloyd Wright


A striking ‘desert stone’ and timber house for the Malibu coast—towards which the soaring balcony was thrust—this was designed for film-maker Arch Oboler, credited with being the progenitor of 3-d films.

Oboler and Wright shared a similar sense of humour.  Chasing Wright for plans which he’d promised, Oboler wired, “Still waiting for plans you promised three weeks ago. Should we plan for house on cliff or in heaven?”  Wright wired back, “Have been busy saving you from living in Hell. Ready for builder to come at once.  FLlW.”

Despite much enthusiasm on Oboler’s part, he only succeeded in building a retreat for his wife Eleanor, and the Gate House, which eventually grew to become a fully-fledge house in its own right.


  1. Thanks for this, PC. I love your Frank Lloyd Wright posts!

  2. I lived on this property for 3 years in the mid 90s. Here's a link to a couple of pics from a real estate info sheet when the place was offered for sale.


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