Thursday, 8 April 2010

Auckland Bloggers Drinks tonight [updated]

I’ve been a bit tardy in reminding you about the monthly Bloggers Bar Bash (B3) tonight. So let me remedy that now: 

“Don’t forget  Bloggers Drinks tonight!”

Come along and join the collegial crew around the Galbraith’s fire telling tall tales and stories, some of which are true. Allegedly.

Everyone’s welcome, from bloggers to blog readers to people who just want to buy their favourite blogger(s) a drink.  (Naturally, the last are especially welcome.) Just make sure you leave your guns at the door, like everyone else does.  Well, except for Phil U.  And Cactus.

See you there!

What: Auckland Bloggers Drinks
Tonight, 8 April from 6.30pm
Galbraith’s, 2 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland
Who for: Bloggers, blog readers, and blog trolls.

NB: Yes, as some of you will be protesting, the B3 is normally the first Thursday of every month.  But Easter stuffed that up this month.


  1. PC - the summary next to the Galbraith's logo says drinkies are on March 4 rather than April 8. Some of your readers may not have access to a Tardis, and consequently may miss the March 4 gathering. :)

  2. Oh Scheissen, I've done it again haven't I . . .


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