Sunday, 25 April 2010

ANZAC landings [updated]

From Peter Weir’s film Gallipoli, with added Albinoni (and, strangely, with dialogue in Italian; just another of the wonders of YouTube).

UPDATE: Dave Mann sent me some photos he took at Gallipoli.  The pictures and comments are his.

“This is the actual beach where our troops landed. The road wasn't there then, but you can see that the terrain  was immediately quite steep.”

“Directly ahead of the troops was this huge escarpment full of Turkish troops looking down on them with a commanding field of fire. The nobby outcrop was called the Sphynx because of its shape. The Anzacs must have cursed it every day as the Turks picked them off.”

“This is the view down to the beach from the heights which were occupied by the Turks. You can see the Sphynx here. Mustafa Kemal [later known as Turkish leader and moderniser Kemal Ataturk] was a brilliant battalion commander who went against direct orders from his superiors and occupied the high ground in anticipation of the landings.... so he was ready for us. During the months of the campaign we actually managed to overcome these Turks and reached land (with the Australians) up behind this ridge!”

“A moving tribute to the Anzacs, written by the very man who was responsible for their containment.
Amazing and powerful.”


  1. Good photographic work there Dave. Beautiful shots. That reminds us of those who died to defend our freedom to enjoy the beauty of life.

    Thanx for sharing the photos. I haven't been there yet, but its on my travel plan for the later part of the year.

  2. Here is the link to that scene:


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