Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Welfare reforms

Hello children.  Time for your afternoon quiz.

The National-led government is instigating “welfare reform.”

Will the reforms be:

a) The end of the world?

b) The end of your Tuesday?

c) “The return of the nasty party,” forcing sick people to work, parents to ignore their children, and the long-term unemployed to sell their organs for food?

e) “Bash the Bennie Time

d) Another example of “the wonderfulness of John Key”?

or d) Arguably worse than the status quo, doing nothing to destroy the “entitlement culture.”

Answers on a WINZ form, please.

Or maybe on a postcard.  Planted in the middle of Eden Park.

Because the mining Gerry is planning will only pay a pimple of the welfare bills your governments have racked up.

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