Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Thanks, Lara [update 2]

Lara-Bingle3 Not sure why a topless photo of Lara Bingle has her and fiancé Michael Clarke, Australian cricket vice-captain, so concerned—because a simple Google search will uncover many more photos of the sort she now says she’s so upset about.  “I just felt like I’d been violated,” says the topless model when she found out about this topless photo?  Oh, please.

Perhaps she’s simply embarrassed to be reminded she was once attracted enough to Brendan Fevola to get topless for him, the boofhead who in December was finally found too embarrassing even for Carlton and its fans—and now for the Brisbane Lions’ ads.

All a bit of a storm in  a ‘C’ cup really.  But at least it’s got Clarke leaving his Australian cricket team in the lurch—which leaves their batting line-up looking (hopefully) a bit topless.

So good news, eh, just before the third ODI. 

Thanks, Lara.

UPDATE 1: “Personal reasons”?  Clarke’s gone home for the Women’s Day photo-shoot, hasn’t he. And with an average of 42.31 at a strike rate of 77.46, let’s hope it takes a while.

UPDATE 2: Lucky, wasn’t it, that Lara’s photo turned up in the news only days after she took on a new publicist.  Now that is what you call a coincidence.

And Brendan Fevola is starting a new business too . . .


  1. Where is the photo of Lara that showed her beautiful pussy? I Googled but I couldn't find any.

    I hope that feminists at the Hand Mirror won't be reading my pussy comment or otherwise they'll make a big fuzz about it.

  2. 'Violated' means she isn't getting any royalties on the skin pics!

  3. greg, does PC know your number?


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