Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Socialising [corrected]

AUCKLAND: Reminding readers that tomorrow night is the first Thursday of the month—which as everybody knows means the monthly B3 (Bloggers Bar Bash) at Galbraith’s !

What: Auckland Bloggers Drinks
Thursday 4 March from 6.30pm
Galbraith’s, 2 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland
Who for: Bloggers, blog readers, blog trolls.

Get ye there and help us outnumber the Christians.

Or just come along and buy Cameron Slater a drink.  After paying for his lawyers, he’ll need one.

WELLINGTON: And I’ll be making a flying visit to Wellington to see NZ’s Wagner hero Simon O’Neill singing in the Wagner Gala on Friday night at the Michael Fowler Centre—so if any Wellington blog readers would like to meet up for swift drink straight after work on Friday (I’m assured some folk actually do work in Wellington), there’s a very good chance you’ll find us over the road at the West Plaza bar on Wakefield St from about the time their taps start working.  So why not join us for a couple.


  1. Yes the Christians are really hard to outnumber at bloggers drinks given the giant swarm of us that turn up.

    I always count more copies of Atlas Shrugged on the table at bloggers drinks than bibles.

  2. Let's all get there to outnumber the likes of Phil U, Luc Hansen and bludging Greenies & socialists in there.

  3. I hear the Density Church are going to send a busload of the faithful to drink you all under the table... not.

    Have a good night! Does Chris Trotterski turn up to the B3 evenings?

  4. Sean Fitzpatrick3 Mar 2010, 13:02:00

    Friday night at the West Plaza? You are on, PC - though the Malthouse is a better choice :)

  5. @Madeleine: "I always count more copies of Atlas Shrugged on the table at bloggers drinks than bibles.

    And they make a better sound when thumped on the table, too. :-)

    @Richard: "Does Chris Trotterski turn up to the B3 evenings?"

    Not so far. His crowd usually nationalise a couple of tables on Friday nights.

    @Sean: "Friday night at the West Plaza?"


    "You are on, PC - though the Malthouse is a better choice..."

    ... but the West Plaza leaves less distance to stumble to the performance. :-)

  6. Sean Fitzpatrick3 Mar 2010, 13:51:00

    Re; stumbling to the performance - are we talking drinks before or after the Wagner gig?

  7. The thing about Galbraith is that they don't have mainstream beers available. They only have trendy (pretentious) beers there. I think I agreed with The Drunken Watchman, that trendy beers are so untrendy. They taste like homeopathic beers, meaning that you drink lots of them and never get pissed.

    I'll probably consume some cans of lion reds, ranfurlys, steinies prior to turning up at Galbraith.

    How about suggesting to switch between Galbraith and Cavalier on alternative months?

  8. Tomorrow is March the 4th btw. See you there.

    And I've seen you pissed FF, the 'trendy' beers work better. :)

  9. @Sean: How about before. And after. Can rendezvous at WP and discuss heading to Malthouse -- but doesn't Malthouse turn into a boom-chick-unst-unst bar after the sun goes down?

    @GRegster: Oops! The curse of copy and paste!

    FF: For the most part they only have drinkable beers there. But if you look in the beer fridges, you'll find some of the undrinkable ones there too.

    Or try the Munich lager. A good starter beer. :-)

  10. PC the fact that your lead evidence to Atlas Shrugged being superior to the Bible is the sound it makes when banged on the table is telling. I mean why not speak of its usefulness as a coaster or its ability to absorb the pretentious homeopathic beers that Falafuli Fisi abhors so much?

    BTW why am I not invited to these in-between B3 events?

  11. Madeleine, Atlas is a rising spire to christianity's primitive folklore.

  12. Sean Fitzpatrick4 Mar 2010, 08:58:00

    @PC re; boom chick unst unst - nope, nada, nix, no way, uh-uh, nein, negative, not on your nellie. MH plays mainstream rock from the last 30-40 years or so at moderate volume pretty much all night in my experience.

    I would only be able to meet up after the performance since I work until 6.45pm on Fridays.

    BTW, are you staying in Wellington for the beer festival the next day?

    Appropriately the word captcha is 'worph' for coming to the harbour capital :)

  13. Beer!? Bugger. Flying out next day at about 6:45pm.

  14. Sean Fitzpatrick4 Mar 2010, 10:40:00

    No problem - it starts at 12pm and goes to 8pm - you could still spend a few hours there.


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