Thursday, 4 March 2010

One Foot in the grave

FootOnTheLeft Michael Foot, that shambolic Marxist footnote in history, is dead.

He took over as Britain’s Labour leader after his predecessor James Callaghan helped reduce Britain to Europe’s bankrupt nation, and then advanced policies to make sure this condition would be permanent.

His greatest achievement, one he shared with Neil Kinnock, and for which Britons still have much to thank him for, is being so unelectable that he helped keep Margaret Thatcher in power for twelve years.

Farewell you failed old loon. Thank Galt you never got your hands on the levers of power. 

Liberty Scott gives him a better send-off than he deserves.

[Hat tip to Adolf for the headline. That’s Foot in the photograph, by the way, trying out for the Gypsy Kings.  Naturally, he’s the one on the far left.]


  1. Neil Kinnock now takes over the mantle as Looniest Living Labour Leader

  2. Tony Benn tried to convince Foot while he was a Minister, that Labour should nationalise the 20 largest companies in the UK.

    Just to show the lunacy went further to the left, and Benn has more credibility.

  3. He was a legend in his own lifetime (get it?)


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