Thursday, 11 February 2010


The more things change, the more statist stupidity stays the same.  As if she were writing yesterday, instead of in December ‘08, allow me to reprise a short post the late Anna Woolf wrote  when she was still very much alive and kicking about the swift fall from grace of a former uni acquaintance.

  Monday, 8 December 2008

  Steven Joyce goes left

    Taxi security reviewed after killing
    "Transport Minister Steven Joyce will review the use of distress buttons, video cameras and safety screens to separate drivers and passengers."
    Does the government have rules on the use of buttons, cameras and screens? If they do have these rules then the only thing Joyce needs to do is get rid of them.
    But let's presume that they rules don't exist - why is the government wasting time and resources on this matter - surely it is the responsibility of the taxi driver what security he would like. Just like they decide if they are going to have a Navman or CD player or air freshener. Just like I decided to have an alarm system installed in my home - the neighbour didn't and was burgled on the weekend - she will now install an alarm.
    Or is Joyce thinking about using our money to pay for taxi security? Please no - that would be a major slide down for this successful entrepreneur. Didn't take long.

You could say she’s come back from the grave to haunt him.


  1. So if you are a Taxi driver in Ashburton where the crime rate is zero you need protection from someone from south auckland ? Joyce who I had high hopes for decides that legislation will stop you being a victim of crime. How stupid. If they dont make a stand and say look after yourself and stop looking at government for solutions NZ might as well have re-elected Klark.

  2. This cock-head Joyce is a cunning motherfucker just like his boss Jonkey. They're really socialist cunts. All of them in the Labor-lite party.


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