Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Spring is coming – Han Wu Shen


Dianne Durante describes her reaction to this painting:

    "I liked Spring Is Coming more after learning its title. At first glance I had focused on the stark branches, but the title made me pay attention to the faint hints of green, so delicately rendered. It reminds me of that day in February or March when I first notice buds on the trees, and realize with relief that the long, cold Northeast winter will soon be over.”

And naturally, the prospect of spring’s onset can refer to more than just the seasons.


  1. A superb work, and unusual for Shen who usually does portraits. I've seen an original up close and in person and they are extraordinary. Realistic without being photographic, romantic without being sappy. A rare achievement for a modern artist.

  2. I'd forgotten this painting, and I needed the reminder of spring (literal and metaphorical) on this rainy morning in NYC. Thanks!


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