Thursday, 25 February 2010

Resignation, No. 1 [update 2]

So if Phil Heatley has resigned for being caught using the taxpayer as his family’s personal ATM Machine, what’s keeping Sir Double Dipton, aka Bill English, in office?

Double standards?

UPDATE 2: Richard McGrath argues the Heatley’s self-immolation means “the long wait was over for a National Party MP to act in accordance with commonly accepted principles of honesty and responsibility.”

    “Perhaps now that Mr Heatley has demonstrated a shred of decency, Bill English may wish to reconsider whether he should have at least offered to resign, after taking a thousand dollars a week from the taxpayer to fund his million dollar home in Karori - with his wife already earning a comfortable income as a doctor.”
    “The Libertarianz Party commends Mr Heatley. He has raised the bar for his cabinet colleagues. . . ”


  1. ZB are saying he has resigned because of now mis-classifying two bottles of wine on his expenses.

    Two points from this:

    A) No NZ minister would resign for that! There's something more to it - Johy Key has canceled all his appointments in the South Island and flown back to Wellington.


    B) If Heatly has resigned for two bottles of wine, then what an incredible double standard that English - indeed, the rest of them - are still there.

  2. Sean Fitzpatrick25 Feb 2010, 13:49:00

    It does seem that Heatly is falling on his own sword. We may never know the truth but if it is the case at least he is showing a modicum of honor - all the more shame on Bill English.


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