Tuesday, 16 February 2010

“Creativity With Beauty and Joy” – David Knowles

Creativity with Beauty and Joy
122cm x 183cm

In this painting I have created an extended metaphor of the philosophy that permeates all of my Art.

It is an interpretation of The Legend of The Three Graces.  But I abandoned the popular Christian based story of ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’,  and instead went to the original story in Greek Mythology.

Creativity, Beauty and Joy

Beauty is 'Aglaea'. The youngest, known as 'the golden one' or 'the shining one'. Full of splendour and brilliance. In the golden dress.

Joy is 'Euphrosyne'. Known for her happy disposition, with charm, mirth and grace. Wearing blue.

Creativity is 'Thalia'. The oldest, known for her imagination and ideas, and her flourishing abundance as a young mother. In the centre in red.

This painting characterises to a large extent how I see my art, and is consciously allegorical.

An uplifting sense of positive expectation in a sun-filled, optimistic world.


And it is for sale!

[Guest Post by David Knowles. Visit him at http://davidknowlesart.com]


  1. David Knowles, that's a lovely painting (the 3 white ladies).

    Do you have any paintings of tanned ladies (ie, brown or dark)? I would love to have one with tanned ladies.

  2. There's no accounting for taste of course, but personally I hate it. It looks like$ something off a Franklin Mint infomercial.

  3. This looks shooped, although it is painted; a rare achievement.


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