Monday, 18 January 2010

Poor William

When I was a kid I remember being forced to stand out beside the road from the airport as a car alleged to contain the Queen of England whistled past.  It must have been quite a sight. Thousands of small children and their teachers standing in ditches, fighting sunburn and waving small flags while holding up signs saying things like "Kia Ora Queenie." 

I don't think she read them.

PICT0196 How things have changed. Now, when the Queen's son shows up, only ten people manage to make it to the airport, and a reporter has to make some signs up to make it look like anyone cared.  And when the poor chap finally got to his home for the night, which happens to be next door, he had Dave Dobbyn inflicted on him.

It almost makes you feel sorry for the chap.

Still, at least his neighbours tried to make him feel at home by flying his family flag (right)*.  You have to make a Saxe-Coburg Gotha feel welcome, don’t you?

* Yes, that’s an Imperial German flag up there.  Up until 1917 today’s Windsors revelled in the surname Saxe-Coburg Gotha—making them about as German as a pickelhaube. Their  German name came from Victoria’s husband, Albert.  Their new English name came from one of their castles.


  1. PC, I think that it is appropriate to change the tile of this post from Poor William into Rich William, which reflects reality.

    I bet that the 10 or so people turned up were all journalists where gos mags such as women's weekly (WW) and the likes must have been there too. The lazy fans (yep, their readers) will happily buy the next issue of WW with Rich William on the cover. The readership is quite huge, therefore, even fans didn't make it to the airport to welcome Rich W, and with them buying the gos mags (in huge numbers) with Rich W pic's on the cover, they are actually compensating for their absence from the airport in an indirect manner.

  2. I even gather William flew on the NZ state airline on a scheduled flight no less, and it wasn't just a plane full of him and his entourage either.

    Well done flying the appropriate flag of course. The Queen Mother wasn't exactly a foremost opponent of Nazi Germany before the war, but then again neither were many British academics!

  3. Peter, has the tower at the castle been fixed up? It look spangly new!

    then again neither were many British academics!
    Or business people.


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