Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Perigo on ‘The Vote Heard Around the World?’

Lindsay Perigo comments on the astonishing vote in Massachusetts—a shot that signals the start of a fight back.

The Vote Heard Around the World?

    Republican Scott Brown’s stunning victory in the election to fill the Senate seat formerly held by far-left shyster Edward Kennedy is a decisive indication that the American voters’ honeymoon with Barack Obama is over and they are clamoring for divorce, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.
    “Never mind their incomprehensible stupidity in entering this abusive relationship in the first place,” admonishes Perigo. “What’s important and reassuring is that they’ve awoken to the coercive, anti-American nature of their president ... and want out.
    “Mr. Obama won their hearts with his sweet-talk about change they could believe in. The actual change he has attempted to enact is from soft capitalism to hard socialism.
    “Scott Brown proudly promised to be the vote that derails Obama’s health care plan. This plan would make it compulsory for every American to take out health insurance—a shocking reversal of the relationship between the state and the individual laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Massachusetts voters who supported Obama in 2008 but voted for Brown today are citing health care as the reason for their switch. Mr. Obama and his fellow-socialists Pelosi and Reid have been told in no uncertain terms their Big Bossy Government agenda is not wanted.
    “It’s to be hoped that the rest of Obama’s toxic program is now equally destined for the ashcan of history. His proposed success taxes, his treasonous over-spending, his cap-and-trade scam, his decreeing that carbon is toxic, his takeover of the ‘commanding heights’ of the economy, his refusal to call terrorism ‘terrorism’ let alone name its Islamic roots, his gladhanding of dictators, his obeissance to union mafias, his diabolical determination to turn the Land of the Free into the United Socialist States of America ... let us hope his treason to liberty has been stopped in its totalitarian tracks.
    “This will require that voters, who showed themselves none too bright and none too American in 2008, keep faith with their awakening. It will require Republicans to repudiate their own socialist proclivities and present a genuine pro-freedom alternative to Mugabama in this year’s elections. It will require that the magnificent patriots of the Tea-Party movement keep up the pressure to take America back to its roots.
    “May today’s vote be heard around the world, and obviate the need for another equally audible shot,” Perigo concludes.

Lindsay Perigo
SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists):


  1. Obama just bumped up against the limits of spin and charisma. And how damned sweet it is!

  2. The political analysts willl say:
    It’s about healthcare, Obama, and America’s suspicion (dislike) of big government, big government programmes & Martha Coakley ran a dumb campaign.
    And to some extent they are right.

    But I recall when I was living in the US that within a David Frost show Norman Mailer was interviewing Mohammad Ali just after there had been a similar big upset in US politics.

    He suggested that Ali represented a general "distrust" of government because everyone knew he was heavyweight champion of the world but the Government insisted he wasn't.

    It occurred to me that with Obama and his administration going on and on about global warming while everyone from Houston Northwards is suffering the coldest winter in yonks, that Americans may not have much faith in what government has to say about all those things.

    It was a telling point about Ali at the time, and while I might be drawing a long bow it certainly came to mind today and the memory banks had to go back over forty years.

  3. Interestingly, Owen I just read that one of Brown's campaign managers said internal polling revealed that most people were more concerned about domestic and foreign security than about healthcare!

  4. Hopefully Perigo is starting to realise what all reasonable folk already know - that Obama will be removed in due course by the democratic process.

    Murdering him - as he has suggested a few times - is not required.

  5. I don't think voters in the US were stupid in the 2008 election. They voted Obama, because they themselves knew that they would get benefits from Obama policies/agendas that are clearly socialist (wealth redistribution).

  6. Maybe, but some of the discussions I have seen have indicated that people are against the healthcare bill because it got watered-down and doesn't go far enough!

  7. the drunken watchman21 Jan 2010, 14:57:00

    obviate: to get rid of, to clear away

  8. Ruth

    It depends on how soon people want him to be gone.



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