Thursday, 17 December 2009

Top Ten Stories of the Last 4.5 Billion Years

Every bullfrog and his leg-rope is posting their top tens for 2009 and their best-ofs for the 2000s.  The Onion has over-leapt them all, and  posted The Top Ten Stories of the Last 4.5 Billion Years [hat tip Stephen Hicks].

Beat that!

My favourites: Women Domesticated, and Just Four or Five Guys Carried the Whole Frigging Renaissance!


  1. ITYM, 4.5billion

  2. My favorite:

    "After centuries of chronic unemployment, millions of small children across the United Kingdom saw their lives drastically improve when the Industrial Revolution at long last provided them with steady factory work regardless of age, size, or experience."

    Knowing the slant of The Onion, I'm sure they don't mean this as a positive thing, but in truth, it really was one of the biggest stories in history... until the fucking sob sisters and unions came along and dicked with it.


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