Monday, 7 December 2009

That homeopathic emergency room look

As news emerges in the UK that the NHS spends around £4 million a year on dispensing homeopathy to patients, around £20 million refurbishing the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, and at least two more “homeopathic hospitals” paid for out of NHS funds [hat tip Shaun Holt], comedians Mitchell and Webb visit a homeopathic accident & emergency department.

The perfect place for people you despise.

[Hat tip Sean, and 16 dozen others.]


  1. PC,

    I told you about this video months ago. Where is my hat tip?! ;-)

    A couple of other good ones from these chaps:




  2. Oh gawd, I've had it sent to me about sixteen times in the last month, the last one asking me when I'm going to post the fucking thing.

    The correct answer to which should have been "when I've got my shit sorted and my bloody internet working."

    Which would be about a week from now. :-)

  3. I didn't actually send you any links. Just mentioned the show some months back in conversation. Hence the smily face.

    Good to see openly sceptical shows out been made.

  4. Regardless of who sent it to who... this is fucking brilliant stuf!!

    I particularly loved the lager! I wonder if these fuckwits got breathalysed? hahahahahahah


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