Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Quotes of the day: ClimateGate in quotes . . .

_quote The disinterested search for truth--the hallmark of real science--has taken a back seat to a political crusade."
       - Thomas Sowell, in ‘The Science Mantra

_quoteIf matters such as science are to be placed into the unanswerable power of a single bureau, what will guarantee the superior wisdom, justice and integrity of the bureaucrats?”
       - Ayn Rand, in ‘Who Will Protect Us from Our Protectors?

_quoteClimategate jolted me into confronting the massive fraud and deception by top global warming scientists, who were in a position to twist the peer-review process in their favor, and did so shamelessly. . . [U]ntil climate science is cleaned up, it doesn’t deserve the worship so many in the media unthinkingly give its tainted practitioners.”
       - Bradley Pilke, in ‘From Global Warming Believer To Skeptic

_quoteThe crash and burn of the UN summit [in Copenhagen] has become the most wonderful Christmas gift for the entire world.”
       - Justin Credible, at the I Love CO2 blog



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  1. A hug is like a boomerang - you get it back right away.

    Bil Keane


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