Monday, 14 December 2009

Nearly at the two-million mark!

I should probably tell you that this blog is almost officially at the two-million mark. 

As I write this, my trusty Statcounter tells me that NOT PC has just had its 1,997,136th “page load” since Statcounter was first installed in April 2005, meaning that in the next day or so this blog will tip over into 2,000,000-plus hits.

Feel free to clap—but maybe wait until the milestone is passed before you actually throw money.  :-)


  1. Nah, clap anyway. Well done Peter.

  2. Thanks Mark.

    You sure you didn't say that first sentence with a Chinese accent? ;^)

  3. If you were a climate scientist with NIWA you'd be at any number chosen at random by now!


    Chris R.

  4. Clap. Clap. [Throwing money on the floor].

    Congrats PC. Well done.

  5. Great achievement Pete - thank you for your efforts. I am indebted to you for what I have learned from you and your contributors) in reading this blog, and expanding my mind and knowledge of things I would otherwise not have discovered - Architecture, sculpture, your unusual mix of musical appreciation, beer (I would have found that!) principles and politics
    Thank you again - now get back to work


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