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National’s “No!” to Brash a part of their same non-productive pattern [update]

There’s a firm pattern with this Key-led National Government now apparent to anyone with eyes to see.

When the world's economies collapsed before the last election, this National Party kept right on promising tax cuts and kept on swallowing dead rats we couldn’t afford. And then right after the election Bill and John confirmed they would be keeping all the dead rats, maintaining all the “entitlements” and permanently canning the tax cuts – keeping their promises to looters and dead rats, and breaking their promises to producers.

When thousands of emails and files were released to the ‘net suggesting the small coterie of climate scientists shouting climate disaster were being somewhat less than honest, and evidence was released showing local warming cheerleaders NIWA were cooking their temperature records, National’s Nick Smith listened only to the warmists, piled on ahead with an income-strangling emissions trading scam based on the warmists’ cooked books, and told Larry Williams the firm evidence of the 162MB of Climategate files was nothing more than conspiracy talk.

And now, when Don Brash’s Productivity Commission suggests ways by which New Zealanders could use their own money more productively instead of seeing it disappearing down the government’s maw – ways to increase their own income and earnings in a way that might see them catch up with Australia’s – ways which Don Brash was invited by this government to produce - National’s Bill English says to Don to go piss up a rope.

Which is really what New Zealanders should be saying to Bill and his boss.

Because the the pattern of this government is to do nothing and to keep right on spending our money and swallowing dead rats – which is only making every one of us poorer.

If this government has a constituency to which it is loyal – if it has a direction in which it’s heading this country – then it’s not a direction or a commitment that favours producers and wage-earners and catching up with Australia; it’s one that favours moochers, looters and a continuing drift into penury – and completely ignoring any advice, evidence or recommendations that might reverse that.

Are you seeing the pattern now?  Incompetence, betrayal and blind, deaf and dumb to reality and to any good ideas. No wonder then that after a year of this government:

  • Nanny is still with us.
  • Her anti-smacking law is still with us.
  • The Electoral Finance Act is on the way back again.
  • The Resource Management Act is fundamentally unchanged.
  • Rates continue to rise at double the rate of the CPI.
  • The global warming/emissions trading scams proceed apace.
  • Our substance is still eaten out by KiwiRail and KiwiBank, KiwiSaver and Welfare for Working Families, by bureaucrats and central bankers, by the IRD and ACC -- and by politicians whose snouts are already in the trough with an arrogance that normally takes three terms to develop, not just one-third of the first one.
  • And in the face of the biggest economic crisis in seventy years we have a Finance Minister who can talk only about “sharp edges” and “green shoots,” and between times acts in a manner that makes a deer in the headlights look purposeful.

So a government just like the last one then, but this time with no means of escape – and no means it seems by which it will listen to anything approaching good advice or evidence against their direction.

But there is one piece of advice you can be sure this government will be taking very shortly, and we know that because they and those shilling for them have been warming us up for months. We know that spending cuts are off the agenda, we know that tax cuts are right off the agenda, webut we know to a probability approaching one that we can look forward to a rise in GST, and to a new Capital Gains Tax: which means a rise in costs for every New Zealander, and a new tax that worked nowhere in the world to arrest an inflating housing bubble – and at a time Australian observers are saying of their own CGT that it “raises little revenue at a substantial cost to economic efficiency,” and confirming that it did nothing to avert their own housing bubble.

So expect to see it here soon.

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Blogger Lucy said...

National Party - Pack of tossers.

1 Dec 2009, 09:47:00  
Blogger ZenTiger said...

I think that about sums it up.

At least until we see what they blindingly agree at Copenhagen.

1 Dec 2009, 09:47:00  
Blogger Sam P said...

Indeed. Well said - sadly for NZ.

It's just all about them really, just like the last lot. Perhaps worse. Damn babyboomers.

1 Dec 2009, 10:22:00  
Anonymous LGM said...


Best part of this is that the babyboomers are getting old. Soon, when they are helpless and infirm, they'll reap the rewards of their ideology.


1 Dec 2009, 10:25:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that the whole political spectrum has been shifted. It's no accident labour etc, are academics, and have been brain washing students - and especially the journalists.

logic and reason now count for nothing - just votes.

there needs to be a new way - possibly like the tea parties - to show that many people do want change, and don't want a slow decline.

Those 50+ need to realise how at risk they are if we continue to decline over the next 20-30 years....

1 Dec 2009, 10:27:00  
Anonymous Barry said...

It was clear to anyone with half a brain that National has simply adopted practically all of Labours policies in an attempt to get into the power seat.

Rather than bringing their original constituency into power they simply took over the centre-left constituency formerly held by Labour.

You are blaming National when it is really the people who voted for them you should be blaming.

1 Dec 2009, 12:19:00  
Anonymous Sinner said...

This is nothing to do with babyboomers.

The sad thing is that the whole political spectrum has been shifted.

Yep. It's the labour Jerrymander (along with the Maorimander).

MMP stupidly requires a majority of those voting before you can govern.

Labour WFF and benefit policies (and building up the civil sercunts) means that more than half - i.e. a majority of the population now pay no income taxes! They're either on benefits, or WFF, or are civil sercunts (teachers, doctors, prison guards etc) pay from the taxes of the productive.

It really is that simple - and completely economically rational both on the buldgers' side and National's side. You won't vote to have your benefits stopped, to be fired from your sinecure, to be thrown out onto the street with no skills, negative equity, a family to feed and the only honourable course being to euthanise that family followed by suicide. So you vote Labour, if you're sick of Nanny you vote National but you make damn clear what you're not voting for - any real change. So if you're a political party you don't promise any real change - just more handouts.

The fact of the matter is that New Zealand is a seriously and sustained failure as a country

Labour and MMP are the reasons why.

The only way to fix this are for Key to do one of three things:
* pospone the next election to 2025 at least (or whenever parity is reached)
* eliminate beneficiaries, superannuitants, WFFers and civil sercunts from the franchise
* remove fiscal policy from the purvue of the house of reps - either directly to the productivity commission (vastly my preference) or to a small upper house elected only from productive members of society.

Do nothing as NZ follows Iceland.

1 Dec 2009, 12:52:00  
Anonymous Sinner said...

logic and reason now count for nothing - just votes.

Yep - and this is what must be changed as soon as possible.

there needs to be a new way - possibly like the tea parties - to show that many people do want change, and don't want a slow decline.

But you don't get it you fuck. Only productive numerate people want change. There are probably no more than 100,000 of them in the country - and another say 1,000,000 of them abroad. The remaining 4,000,000 are quite happy with a slow decline, so long as they decline at the same rate as everyone else.

Those 50+ need to realise how at risk they are if we continue to decline over the next 20-30 years....

Fuck those 50+ and fuck every codger-bludher (anyone on super or anyone who expects anything from super). there simply won't be any super for anyone under 30, the only fair thing to do is stop all National super immediately
and stop all socialist schemes for doctors/teachers/sercunts as well.

if you haven't made private provision in the last 20 years, you are clearly neither productive nor numerate nor foresighted. If you don't have kids who will look after you, you should fucking be starving under a bridge, hopefully the cops will slot you if you're lucky.

1 Dec 2009, 12:57:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But we voted for National because Key promised 'change'. He promised to toss out the Electoral Finance Act, to get NZ on a par with Australia, to cut taxes and to vastly improve the economy of NZ. He promised to eradicate Nanny State and he promised to reform the DBP and he promised smaller govt. So far, a fibber on most counts. National/Labour are one and the same.


1 Dec 2009, 14:21:00  
Anonymous LGM said...

As I said, the babyboomers will reap the consequences of their ideology. The posts immediately prior to this one demonstrate the type of hatred and anger that likely will become more and more common. Some of it will be expressed in the direction at the aged and the infirm.

NZ the way you want it.


1 Dec 2009, 14:22:00  
Anonymous LGM said...

Whoops! Sorry Tess.

I wasn't referring to your post!


1 Dec 2009, 14:28:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's okay, LGM. I'm just a peed off Baby Boomer, one that will not trust Key again. Bring back Helen, at least she didn't fudge her words!


1 Dec 2009, 14:36:00  
Blogger Greig McGill said...

Actually Tess, one could make a fairly strong case that Uncle Helen had a fair bit to do with getting the common kiwi to just accept outright lying as part and parcel of the PM's office. Fraud, speeding, pledge card funding...

Key's lucky he had H1 to pave the way for him. Nobody blinks when the toad lies now.

1 Dec 2009, 15:24:00  
Blogger Lucy said...

"Key's lucky he had H1 to pave the way for him. Nobody blinks when the toad lies now."

Never a truer word was spoken Greig

1 Dec 2009, 16:32:00  
Anonymous LGM said...

Has anyone heard from those "vote national" turkeys lately? Remember how they posted so frequently during the last election? Now......silence.

They were soooooo full of shit. Perhaps the silence is an improvement. It won't last though. The national socialist pimps shall return! What's the bet they'll be back again during the next election campaign? Anyone going to treat them with respect this time?

Just interested.


1 Dec 2009, 17:58:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is with despair that I completely agree with every word of this post. If there was an election tomorrow I think I would have to sit it out. Either that or make that move to Australia that I deferred indefinately a year ago.

1 Dec 2009, 21:24:00  
Blogger Carly said...

Sit out an election? Come on! Vote Libertarianz! :-)

1 Dec 2009, 23:03:00  
Blogger libertyscott said...

The populace will still love the Nats because neither Douglas nor Richardson sold the reforms of the past to the slobbering mob, and because the education system and the intellectually inert media have painted such words as "privatisation" as part of a mythology that doesn't stand up to any scrutiny.

National's mediocrity is palpable, it wants to remain in power like the Holyoake years, 12 years of doing sweet fuck all, patting themselves on the back for treading water.

1 Dec 2009, 23:33:00  
Blogger Shane Pleasance said...

It is becoming evident that the Libz are really the only true opposition in NZ

2 Dec 2009, 17:45:00  

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