Monday, 21 December 2009

John Key’s ETS: Why the rush? [update 4]

So why was John Key’s National-led government so gosh-darned eager, just like Kevin Rudd was, to get that Emissions Trading Scam through parliament before Copenhagen? 

You thought it was all about looking good before other world leaders? Think again. As Michelle Grattan now  makes clear in The Age, the Copenhagen collapse (featuring the sweet sound of exploding watermelons) exposes the real reason for the rush.  For “Rudd” read “Key”; for “Australia” read “New Zealand”:

    “Rudd so hyped the need to get his scheme through before Copenhagen that, now the conference has ended with only a weak ‘accord,’ people will be inclined to say, ‘So what was the hurry? And why rush now?.’
    “The need for hastening the Australian legislation, which both Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull understood, was because of just what’s happened. If Copenhagen delivered little, it was always going to be hard to get the wind back into the emissions trading sails here.”

And here.

UPDATE 1: Where’s Phil?
[Pinched from Andrew Bolt]

Phelim McAleer, maker of the brilliant documentary Not Evil Just Wrong, scours Copenhagen for Dr Phil Jones, the most infamous of the Climategate scientists. If he doesn’t find Jones, he sure finds the mindset that both produced and protects him.

UPDATE 2: Speaking of emissions trading scams, take a look at this rent-seeking bastard, the beneficiary of his own multi-billion dollar links in and around the climate industry: the chairman of the IPCC, Engineer Pachauri. Read Questions over business deals of UN climate change guru Dr Rajendra Pachauri [hat tip Owen McShane].

Hell, if it’s okay for Al Bore to lie for a billion-dollar living, why shouldn’t smaller fry try to make a buck the same way?

UPDATE 4: Australia’s ABC network started an opinion blog for their presenters, and were shocked to discover them expressing opinions.  Well, some opinions, goddamit.

Meanwhile, here in GodZone, the news networks simply had hyperbolic opinionising to the main news broadcast.  Here, for example, was the flatulent hot air TV3 used to announce the abject collapse of warmist hopes at Copenhagen. Balanced? Fair? True? What do you think of alleged news shows peddling propaganda?


  1. I would love to say our Prime Idiot would have the gumption to get rid of our senseless ETS now: but, of course, pigs won't fart.

  2. The NYT have a different perspective,with the forest accord

    As a result of this accounting strategy, countries like New Zealand, Sweden, Finland and Austria would not have to reduce logging nearly as much as other industries would have to. According to calculations by the Climate Action Network, New Zealand would actually get to increase its emissions by 188 percent. Switzerland and Norway, however, have agreed to use a past baseline year.:



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