Wednesday, 16 December 2009

CopenHuggin, where the wheels are coming off the dog and phony show

I must confess I was very disappointed to read the Herald’s four big news items out of Copenhagen this morning, very disappointed indeed.

It’s all so disappointing, isn’t it. Just fancy if they can’t get any serious disagreement there this week.

Just imagine if the headline on the London Times article is true: that 'Copenhagen Stalls Decision on Catastrophic Climate Change for Six Years.'

Oh dear. How sad. Good bloody job.

How disappointing is to hear reports streaming in that are are oh-so-carefully-spun (there are more spin doctors per square metre in the Bella Center now than anywhere else in the world), but reveal nonetheless that the wheels are coming off the whole dog and phony show. It had all seemed so easy before ClimateGate, hadn’t it . . . yet we now have even Tony Blair admitting (as the ClimateGate emails revealed) that the figures on which the UN’s IPCC’s reply are “fudgeable.” Says Jane Jamison:

    “To hear a former head of state and global warming proponent finally admit to the ‘fudge factor’ of this discredited climate catastrophe theory is remarkable.
    “’Fudgeable’ figures are what the past twenty years of scientific furor is about. In the past weeks, the evidence showed conclusively that leading global warming researchers had e-mailed each other about removing certain results and changing others to achieve the desired "hockey stick" rise in global temperature predictions. They have refused to divulge their original data to experts for peer review.”

They have played fast and loose with science, and they’re now being bitten in the arse just when they most needed to be. Let’s hope for all our sakes that, as Jane Jamison puts is, this really is ‘Climategate TKO in Copenhagen.’

“The good guys may have won. Deep breaths, everyone. We won't know for sure until Friday.”


  1. When Tony Blair says "we should do something even if the science if faulty" people should pause and remember the last time he decided to do something based on faulty evidence....


  2. Like vampires, climate change alarmists wither when their antics are exposed to sunlight.

  3. Let us hope that their gross incompetence will see that nothing workable is stitched up.

  4. "A man who chooses between drinking a glass of milk and a glass of a solution of potassium cyanide does not choose between two beverages; he chooses between life and death. A society that chooses between capitalism and socialism does not choose between two social systems; it chooses between social cooperation and the disintegration of society. Socialism is not an alternative to capitalism; it is an alternative to any system under which men can live as human beings."- L Von Mises

    Make no mistake about it, what the Copenhagen delagates are trying to achieve is the imposition of an international socialist system upon every person. The Soviets were unable to achieve it, but this bunch are actually a lot closer to their 'prize'. Don't underestimate them.


  5. Another conspiracy theory by LGM.

    It is sad when the only argument for why you think someone does something is that they are 'evil' and wanna control you.

    Those who claim that all others who don't believe what they believe are generally members of cults.

    The fact that there is no rational reason to believe that Governments would impose Carbon limits UNLESS there was a compelling environmental reason...

    ...shows that your 'conspiracy theory' is a mere theory that could have been made up by a 5 year old. "Oh they are doing it because they hate us and wanna control us".

    Such a diverse range of members of society could not possibly have the intention of controlling everyone else. But if you do believe that everyone is out to get you LGM... should go back to the loony bin.

    Most people (except you) are concerted with how to rationally solve problems using the best information available.

    Which is what is happening at Copenhagen.

  6. Barry

    The delegates at Copenhagen are there for the express purpose of changing the way every person on the planet lives. That this is the case has been stated in public numerous times. It is no secret.

    Guess you havn't been paying attention.

    The stated intention of the big Copenhagen get together is to institute a new layer of international government complete with regulation, legislation, taxation, tribute, transfer payments, taxation and a number of other imposts. There have been numerous papers, reports, agendas, "studies" and the like outlining in careful detail the schemes, plans and deals for execution. This is no secret either.

    Guess you havn't been paying attention.

    The whole AGW theory has long since been revealed as incorrect, false. More recently it has been shown to be fraudulent as well. No secret that.

    Guess you havn't been paying attention.

    It has been stated on numerous occasions by many government spokesmen, representatives and politicians that everyone will be forced to pay more for goods, services and taxes whether they agree or not. All will be required to alter their life-styles regardless of their own values, plans, preferences, opinions, evaluations, knowledge, culture etc. This is no secret, it's public domain.

    Guess you havn't been paying attention.

    That the leading proponents of the AGW "science"/politics partnership are openly socialist in their ideology, in their politics and in their public statements is no secret. Again it's in the public domain.

    Guess you havn't been paying attention.

    Barry, it's time for you to start paying attention.

    Grow up. Abandon your silly blind beliefs. Do some research. Start finding out about reality.


  7. Barry, you said, "Another conspiracy theory by LGM" etc.

    Well . . .

    "The implication is that the only way the whole edifice of global warming science could be a distortion of reality is if there was a huge, secret conspiracy perpetrated by a fiction-like cabal of mad scientists, hidden away in some smoke-filled room plotting the destruction of the world economy.

    "Well, the fact is that there is a 'massive international conspiracy'—only, it’s not of the secret, smoke-filled-room type. The conspirators are united not by a secret plot, but by a shared philosophy that they promote openly and self-righteously: the philosophy of environmentalism.

    Read ClimateGate: A Green Conspiracy.

  8. Czech Particle physicist & String theorist Lubos Motl (a past contributor to PC's Free Radical Magazine), who is a voracious global warming skeptic has excellent scientific arguments on his blog about the dodgy science of Global Warming and should be a good read for warmists. Lubos can slice & dice the physics of climate in a detail manner that can make the likes of Gavin Schmidt, Michael Mann, Phil Jones, James Hansen, including any God-like global warming advocates feel like that their knowledge of physics is at high-school level.

    When Lubos makes comments on some warmists blog sites, they (ie, warmists) have nothing to say further or oppose his arguments. I reckon, that the warmists feel incompetent to debate with Lubos. Perhaps Lubos has exposed their pseudo-scientific knowledge.

    Here is of what I know about physics. A person who is specialized in any core/fundamental/primary branch of physics, such as general relativity, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, string theory, etc,... can understand non-core/secondary branch such as climate science pretty easily even though that person is not a climate scientist. The main reason is that fundamental physics is much more complex than secondary disciplines as climate science, etc.

    On the other hand, a specialist in climate science will find it very hard or impossible to understand stuff that are covered/studied in fundamental/primary physics branches as string theory or quantum mechanics, etc... This explains why physicists from core/fundamental physics are everywhere, from cell-biology complex system modeling to econo-physics, etc,...

    I now start to see physicists who specialized in fundamental physics, coming out to criticize climate science for not having a decent theory, such as Theoretical physicist Frank Tipler. I expect to see this trend increase over time.

  9. FF

    Yes. I remember doing the maths for string theory. It was difficult. Not intuitive at all. I'd tend to agree that most of the climate guys are plain stupid in comparison with the guys active in the fundamental stuff. Climate drones.

    Have you seen Learner's work on electromagetism?


  10. It seems you have no idea of what the word conspiracy actually means.

    Conspiracies require a secret plan. There is no secret plan involved in climate change. It is all being done out in the open in front of you.

    So why would I bother reading a blog which has absolutely no idea about that it is talking about?

  11. Barry, the first person who mentioned a conspiracy here, was you.

    "Conspiracies require a secret plan. There is no secret plan involved in climate change. It is all being done out in the open in front of you."

    Isn't this what PC just said? Look at what he quoted:

    "...a shared philosophy that they promote openly and self-righteously..."

  12. "So why would I bother reading a blog which has absolutely no idea about that it is talking about?"

    And yet you're here, commenting.


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