Thursday, 10 December 2009

Christmas gifts for the real man in your life

_quote Among real men there’s always been one simple rule:
Never settle with words what you can settle with a flamethrower.”

- Bruce Feirstein

Other sites offer advice on what to buy the woman in your life this Christmas. Here, I’d like to offer readers advice on what to buy the real man in your life.

Here they are, a small sample of the sort of gifts that will make your real man melt this Yule – or at least let his stern steel-grey eyes flicker towards you more benevolently. [Hat tip Peter L.]


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  1. This is great. I saw a version which included a vaccuum cleaner featuring a V8 petrol motor and a GPS device added.
    Chris R.

  2. I am a bit wasted, so I feel like that Christmas is here. I am just about to walk out to Franklin road and enjoy the (christmas) singing in there, because there is always various groups who sing christmas music over there, and that is me , Falafulu. I love singing these sorts of music since I grew up with those, even though I am atheist. It is not what the music's lyrics that is important, but the occasion itself. I will be there at Franklin walking around with my doz of beers and listen/participate in the (Carols) singing and it is something lovely, such as the following ukulele short music.

    Angels We Have Heard on High

    If you see an island guy with the T-shirt that says, A Proud Global Warming Denier, then you know it is Falafulu Fisi. You can say Hi to me, because I am a nice guy. In fact I can chat with you (if you're a chick).

  3. By his cans of evil smelling Ranfurly shall ye know him! ;) Hope you had a fantastic night Falafulu. Enjoy it before Lord Sir Tossface Palmer stops you.


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