Wednesday, 2 December 2009

‘Beata Beatrix’ – Dante Gabriel Rossetti


British painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) painted Beata Beatrix as a tribute after the death of his wife Elizabeth Siddal. . .  “the subject comes from Dante’s Vita Nuova, and shows the mystical translation of Beatrice from earth to heaven. On the right stands Dante, staring across to the Angel of Love. Beatrice sits beside a sundial on which the shadow falls on nine, the hour of her death on 9 June 1290. A red bird, the messenger of death, drops a poppy, the symbol of sleep, into her folded hands.”

More about the painting here, and here at Olga’s online Rossetti Gallery.


  1. Do hoope you quickly replied to Ricky Badboy, an offer you cannot refuse I would have thought.


  2. I recently acquired a small print of what I believe is a copy of Davinci's last supper. It is signed "Rozetti". I can find no reference to this particular print anywhere via the internet. Can you lend any expertise in this quest?

    Many thanks,



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