Tuesday, 22 December 2009

2081: “Everyone has been *made* to be equal.'”

The year is 2081, and everyone is equal. 

Everyone has been made to be equal.

Everyone has been made to be ordinary.

Turns out when the extraordinary have been outlawed, only the outlaws will be extraordinary.

Such is the theme of a new film, 2081, based on Kurt Vonnegut’s story ‘Harrison Bergeron.’

It looks good.  It looks very good.


[Hat tip RW]


  1. Interesting. When I click through on your link, though, the promotional material says out on DVD January 25th.

    Why did this never go to the theatres? Or are they releasing DVD at same time as theatre opening?

  2. It's a short film, running at only 25 minutes.

  3. Mark: I don't think this will ever come out in cinemas (in NZ, at least).

    According to Wikipedia, it aired at the Seattle Film Festival in May, and at some other film festivals elsewhere. However, it doesn't say anything about being in cinemas.

  4. Agree Callum. And I think HerShnapps has put his finger on it: only a short movie.


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