Wednesday, 4 November 2009

ATTN: Auckland Bloggers

Annie Fox reminds me that Auckland’s monthly Bloggers Bar Bash is on again tomorrow night (5th) at Galbraiths, from 6.30pm onwards.  (You can throw your fire-crackers at each other on Saturday night – if you can find any.) 

Says Annie in her reminder:

    “Last month a great night was had by all - although there was one that left rather abruptly. - what was that about? I managed to stay until closing time - which quite frankly was weird.
Cactus Kate popped in for a surprise visit and we had David Farrar the month before. All these celebrity bloggers - who will be next?
    “We are also starting to get interest from the non-political bloggers, which is great - all welcome.”

You are.  Be there, or be a target for someone’s fireworks.  :-)


  1. I wonder if it will be as surreal as last month was... ha ha!

  2. How does one get to be a celebrity blogger? With all due respect, I find many of ther other blogs just as good as Kiwiblog and Cactus Kage, sometimes better even.

    Maybe the Red Alert time will turn up>

  3. Ok so any one of you heard about the cult religion of india ie. Hinduism - which has 320 million gods. Lol. Thats not my word guys. I read it here -

  4. Cactus Kate -

    No Minister
    The Standard
    The Briefing Room (too much Climate change stuff lately)
    Trevor Mallard/whoever writes for Red Alert.

  5. And sorry Cactus, re the typos. Also Moneky With Typewriter, Big News, Lindsey Mitchell. There are lots that deserve top status in my view, no offence meant.


  6. Ron,

    Cactus is currently rank Number #3 in NZ blog ranking, and there is a reason of why she's in the top 5 and I don't need to explain that to you.

  7. Whatever, it's all down to personal choice though isn't it. I forgot to mention Not PC.!

    Are blog rankings the be and all?

    See you tonight?

  8. The Standard? Makes me think of the grandmother on 'Allo 'Allo, and how she reacted to the word "Germans".

  9. Anonymous

    There you go you have just made all those bloggers "celebrity's".

    Not hard is it. Feel better?


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