Thursday, 22 October 2009

Three new blogs

Well, three new blogs to me, anyway.  Three very good ones, two on subjects close to my heart, that I’m adding to my blogroll as we speak.

Warmaholics Anonymous is the blog of a retired Christchurch scientist who I had the pleasure to meet last weekend at the Christchurch premiere of anti-warmist film Not Evil Just Wrong (which, by the way, I’d also highly recommend).  Like the chap himself, the blog is sharp, witty and authoritative – with posts on shrinking sheep, disappearing unicorns and psychic glaciers appearing among straightforward puncturing of most of the warmist mythology. And useful tips like this: “To really reduce one’s carbon footprint one should stop breathing.” The writer of Warmaholics Anonymous is one of the good guys.  Add him to your regular reading.

And  Montessori Ed, who I met at Steven Hughes’ presentation ‘Good at Doing Things,’ which Ed writes up way better than I did. Ed is also one of the good guys.

There’s more than a few of us around.

And last but not least is one of the good sheilas. Writing at Carnivorous Capitalist, recovering Act On Campus big cheese Helen Simpson documents her travels into some of the world’s more colourful places.  Beirut, for example, sounded like a blast.

And while we’re talking about blogging, econo-blogger Matt Nolan' offers a selfish inducement to other would-be bloggers at his post The best reason for blogging:

    “…my reasons for blogging are purely selfish.  I want people to tell me why I’m wrong about things, and how I can improve my understanding of issues.  Furthermore, I like the idea of having a historical record of my opinions – so if similar events happen in the future I can quickly jog my own memory.”

I think that’s true.  The discipline of blogging, especially the abundant and cutting commentary that replies to my blogging, has immeasurably improved my own understanding of issues – which you’ll have to agree, given my still appalling understanding of most things, must surely have started from a very low level.


  1. I think Helen Simpson is gorgeous. Yep, that's right, ACT party is the only one that has gorgeous women supporters, while other parties and their women supporters, are so ugly. Look no further than the Green Party.

  2. Steady there lad, obviously too much blood diverted from your brain - ACT isn't the ONLY one.


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