Thursday, 22 October 2009

‘Stoneflower’ – E. Fay Jones

Part 1.2 This small home  was the precursor of E. Fay Jones’ stunning Thorncrown Chapel, his undisputed masterwork.  As “Bru” says at his blog The Art of Where:

    “The separation of the two levels addresses some intriguing ideas about how to build in harmony with the land. it is as if the lower level, made of stone, was always there-- a ruin of some obsolete structure given a new life. the light timber framed upper level seems to hover above the land as the only discernible man-made intervention on the landscape.
    “While the limitations of budget may have kept this house from becoming widely celebrated and published, the lessons it taught its creator are widely seen in the halls of Thorncrown.”

Part 1.11 Part 1.5

And as James Schildroth of Kebyar points out, it’s for sale!


  1. Now that's a serious timber building of the kind we New Zealanders should be expert at designing, pre-constructing, building and exporting in custom designed kit-sets. (Instead of exporting logs and rocks and importing back all manner of finished product)

  2. Wow, how much, do I need to buy a lotto ticket to buy it?


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