Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Local politician getting international praise – and he deserves it!

saving-globalization-book Another day, another great local read to recommend – and by a former Prime Minister, no less:  Saving Globalization, by Mike Moore. From the book’s introduction:

    “Globalization is not new, nor is it a policy, it’s a process that has existed as long as man looked over the horizon, travelled and traded…
    “Extreme inequality, corruption and environmental degradation threaten the stability and legitimacy of many developing countries’ regimes.  Anti-globalization and anti-capitalist campaigners’ confidence has been emboldened due to the present economic crisis.  Protectionist rhetoric is growing as are the arguments to control and regulate markets.  Leaders are meeting to discuss how to face these problems and create a new international architecture.  How did we get to this position? What should we do?  What is it that determines why some contemporary states are successful while others have failed?
    “Saving Globalization … answers these question by tracing the development of what Moore considers to be ‘the big ideas of history’: democracy, independent courts, the separation of church and state, property rights, independent courts, a professional civil service, and civil society…”

You can read glowing reviews of the book by clicking this link -- reviews by everyone from Madeleine Albright to Vaclav Havel to Bob Hawke to FT associate editor Martin Wolf. And for the next seven days you can listen to Moore being interviewed on Leighton Smith’s show at this link. Interview starts around 12 minutes in.


  1. once Labour always Labour!

    Global Warming.
    Employment "Rights".
    Trades Unions..
    Minimum Wages.
    Public (i.e. Labour Party) Education.
    Public (i.e. Labour Party) Hospitals.
    Benefits for everybody.

    these are the things Moore wants Globalised.

    democracy == the "right" of the unproductive to vote
    "independent" courts == courts dominated by leftists
    the separation of church and state = compulsory atheism
    a professional civil service = "compulsory membershp of the labour party for civil servants"
    civil society = gun control, ompulsory membershp of the labour party for everyone!

    Moore does not deserve your or anyone else's praise.

    He deserves just the same as every other Labourist or Unionist or Greenie. Nothing more and nothing less.

  2. You know, Sinner, I've never been clear whether you're just an oaf or the caricature of an oaf -- but with every post you make you just reconfirm you're a one-trick oaf with nothing to say.

    Unlike Moore himself, who had brains enough to learn, and to change, and to have something worth saying when he he speaks.

    Perhaps you could learn something from that, eh.

  3. Oh for goodness sake. Do you really think that Moore doesn't want to Globalize all the things I listed? Of course he damn well does!

    Historically, the first Global organisation was the Catholic Church.

    The second real Global organisation was the Socialist International aka the Comintern.

    Socialists have of course always been interested in "big ideas of history" - ultimately in History itself. And always interested in Globalizing those ideas "by all available means, including armed force"/

    Don't forget, our previous Minister of Finance was a History lecturer.

    Once Labour always Labour. And that goes for Mike's mate Roger too.

  4. PS and I do love it when you rational "objectivsts" just start calling names

    I of course am too stupid to spell "ad hominem"


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