Thursday, 8 October 2009

Local boy does good

Christchurch student Brad Taylor, who blogs at Brad Taylor’s Blog, just won first prize in the student division of The Independent Institute’s Templeton Fellowships Essay Contest. His prize-winning essay ‘Virtue and the Voluntary,’ for which he won US$2,500, is here.

Onya Brad.  :-)

And another nearly local boy also did pretty well in the American contest. Australian Ben O’Neill, who’s featured in The Free Radical and whose articles appear regularly at the Mises Daily, won first prize and US$10,000 in the Junior Faculty for his essay ‘The Threat of Virtue: Why Independence and Integrity Threaten the State.’


  1. Hey if you like what you see on, check out this clip.

  2. Good read that Brad. A good reminder to all of us of what it's all about. Well done!


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