Monday, 12 October 2009

“Key tackles ‘G’ “

After announcing his new plan to increase gang’s profits and make things harder for people who have colds, John Boy has now announced a War on Another Letter of the Alphabet.  Lindsay Perigo has the whole speech:

“Thank you for being here.
    “Let me acknowledge my Ministerial colleagues.  Let me also acknowledge our serving police officers, customs officers, treatment providers, community workers, volunteers, that ghastly attention-whore, grandstander and failed father Paul Holmes, and all of you who pretend to care deeply about New Zealand.
    “It is my privilege to regularly meet with groups like this one to celebrate some of the success stories of our country.
    “Today my speech has a different purpose.  I want to talk about a problem that is wrecking lives, wrecking families and fuelling crime.
    “I’m here to speak about “G”. . . “

Read on here.


  1. If only....all we are seeing is quite the opposite, actually. Wait until we get the detail on "solving the ACC problem". There'll come a day that we wish Helen was still in power, better to get fandangled by the enemy than by what's supposed to be your friends.

  2. I am waiting to read the proposed legislation before getting too carried away, but if Key is intending to pass a New Zealand version of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organisations (or 'RICO') Act then it really would be time to accept that freedom in New Zealand is abolished.

  3. Heh... obviously lindsay hasn't heard of "g" before:


    nasty shit too.


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