Monday, 5 October 2009

Apple’s Countdown to another court

Apple Considering Apple Computers’s decades-long legal disputes over its flouting of the intellectual property of the Beatles’s Apple Corps, it’s surely ironic that Apple Computers is now suing Countdown Supermarkets, claiming that Countdown’s new logo is “too close to its own.”

Surely only “a moron in a hurry” -- or a lawyer looking for a payout -- would be misled into confusing a computer store with a supermarket.



  1. Ah, more legalist bullshit. Wonder what this dork pulling contest is going to cost.


  2. Ah, but Apple might watch to go into the grocery business soon. iTunes are rumoured to be starting to sell non-perishable foodstuffs from the second quarter of 2010...


  3. That new wollies logo is very good though.

  4. What?

    Apple selling apples?

    Who'd have thought it?


  5. the new logo has got 3 6s in it can you see it adams apple satanic sybolisium or not :)

  6. I think that Woolworths/Countdown should have the right to use the new logo and I disagree with Apple's claim that the logos are too similar. I don't think they look alike.and to be honest I don't see why Apple is making such a big deal out of this


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