Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Victorian Space Science Education Center – Greg Burgess


This is the Victorian Space Science Education Center  -- that’s Victoria, Australia, by the way, for those who were wondering what a long-dead British Queen might have to do with space.  It’s “ a specialist space-themed school education centre, established by the Victorian State Government to encourage excitement about the learning of science.”  Architect Greg Burgess describes the building he designed for the Center in Strathmore, Victoria:

content_04 “The Centre is held within two spiralling wall-arms which act as noise buffers from the surrounding freeway and railway. At their centre is a soaring volume of deep indigo from which all other spaces are accessed (right). From its stellar apex light plays dramatically into the depths of the building. 
    Conceptually, the building forms and their energetic convergence and divergence mirror the transformative forces of spiral galaxies. The architecture is devised through its unique spatial formation, sequencing and ambience, to support the space education program by immersing participants in a challenging world of space travel, experiments, problem solving and teamwork. An educational experience both memorable and inspirational.”

Check out an introductory video for the Center here at the Center’s website.


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