Sunday, 27 September 2009

The tale of two pictures



Cats win a classic.
GEELONG 3.0 7.1 9.4 12.8 (80)
ST KILDA 3.2 7.7 9.11 9.14 (68)

Go the Cats!!!  :-)


  1. Now you know why they play the game so hard.


  2. Splendid result.

    My only hope is that next year Geelong will be defending against Carlton or Richmond (*snigger*) and an even more exciting final transpires.

  3. Mate. I don't get this ocher soccer thing.

    "Cats win a classic.
    GEELONG 3.0 7.1 9.4 12.8 (80)
    ST KILDA 3.2 7.7 9.11 9.14 (68)"

    ... So which team won, again???

    And what's up with those two from the losing team?
    Did his boyfriend break-up with him, or just tweek his tit too hard?

  4. There's obviously a heck of a lot you don't get, Monsieur.

    You obviously don't get the devastation of defeat, for one thing:

    FORMER St Kilda captain Luke Ball said he struggled to look at teammate Nick Riewoldt in the rooms after Saturday's grand final loss, such was the devastation on the current skipper's face.

    Riewoldt stayed behind closed doors in the Saints' bunker for as long as he could after the game before he finally emerged to embrace his family.

    He was a picture of disappointment after the siren, having led his side through an almost unblemished season and finals series.

    Ball, 25, said the immediate post-match gathering of the team after they left the MCG arena – with the premiership cup in Geelong captain Tom Harley's hands – was brutal.

    "[Riewoldt] was the one that I found it hard to look at, because he was devastated," he said as he prepared to attend the Saints' post-game function.

    "Half an hour ago, it was the worst feeling I'd ever had in my life, to be honest.

    "It was shocking in there, just looking around at a few of the older guys as well."

    He said even coach Ross Lyon, who did all the talking for the Saints in the lead-up to this game, said little when he pulled the players together.

    "He was just as disappointed, no doubt, because he's worked so hard this year," Ball said.

    Basically, he hopes we remember the feeling and come back next year with some fire in the belly."

    That sort of passion is obviously beyond you, you dickhead.

    A shame some All Blacks (and All Black coaches) don't feel that way just after they've been dicked.

  5. Graham Henry doing a Crywoldt...
    No. I'm not going there.

    Sorry if I upset you before.

  6. gave em a f***ing good hiding.....any broken and dislocated limbs to celebrate?

  7. Understand it was a cracker of a game, PC, with both sides taking the lead. Also understand that GAJ scored the last points? Fairly low-scoring with only two goals in it, the way a GF should be.

    Plus the Victorians would have been happy with no 'outside' teams in it. I knew old-timers who insisted upon referring to it as VFL! :)

    Can't go your last comment, though. It's comparing apples with oranges. The Blacks play how many internationals every season? There seem to be more and more every year. You really think they gloss over losses?

    AFL *only* has the Grand Final -- no tests; no international tours; no State of Origin. Which is why it's their b-all & end-all; do or die.

    And fair enough, too.

  8. @Sus - That there is exactly why I've lost complete interest in Rugby. AFL is where it's at.


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