Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Q: Which Founder are you?

See, this is why you do silly online quizzes; it’s to find out stuff like this:


So from now on, you can just address me as “Mr Washington,” okay. Find out here which Founder you are. [Hat tip 3 Ring Binder]


  1. Here's another one: The Secular-Progressive test:

  2. It seems I am James Madison. Diligent, studious, and shy. I think it's broken.

  3. George Mason
    Principled, provincial and libertarian

    "provincial - adjective, History/Historical. of or pertaining to any of the American provinces of Great Britain."
    Phew, I thought it was a faint insult.
    I'm glad it says "principled" rather than obsinate, pig-headed or agrumentative.

  4. Who is George Soros?
    Is he John Galt ?

  5. James Madison!

    Diligent, scholarly, and shy.


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