Monday, 14 September 2009

Learner driver

Arrived home yesterday afternoon to find a near-neighbour had an unexpected visitor with a few parking problems.

P9130023 These are the sort of photos a good friend of the learner driver would keep, and pull out again at her twenty-first – because that’s what good friends do. :-)


[Pics by Annie Fox.]


  1. I'm coming late to the whole driving thing - I just got my learners last Friday. So these pictures don't fill me with confidence, although it is a relief that if I manage to pull something similar my 21st is long gone. :-)

  2. That is classic!

    My daughter just got her learners and is wanting lessons.... argh ... is that what I have to look forward to?

  3. The driver was either a Woman or a Chinaman? am I correct? ...(two demographics who should not be allowed to drive)

  4. Back in days before cameras in cellphones, I stumbled across a Cortina perched rocket-like on it's towbar, ready for launch. The handbrake wasn't quite on and it rolled backwards over a retaining wall.

  5. Elijah: it almost goes without saying the driver was a young pakeha woman - very amusing. They were all very calm and resigned to the fact the we all wanted photos.


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